Slow in Weight Loss?


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Yes !!!!
I always find I`ll bloat and maybe lose 1lb that week, BUT the following week, I usually have a better loss.
I think it all evens itself out ! ;)


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Yes, I have the same. In the long term I think the losses work out the same, just a bit strange week to week. My last 3 weeks have been 9lb, 0lb, 6.5lb.... but overall, a loss that I'm delighted with. Just try not to get hung up about the week where it stalls!


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Yep im on of the nfortunate people who bloat like mad both during period week and ovulation week. Started my period yesterday and when i weighed myself today i had put on 3lbs from the last time....(i did have my night out on sat too mind you) but i know its just bloating and even if my hard work this week doesnt show on the scales it will catch up when the bloating goes down. It always tends to even itself out x


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yeah me too! I find I crave food even more hence my weekend of eating!


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Yes I slow too but remember, the bloating and stuff is just water etc, you're still losing fat so as the lovely ladies above me have said, look at the whole month, it's easy when you get big losses on a diet to feel slightly disappointed by a 'smaller' loss but think, would I be happy with that on ww or other type diets, I remember being happy with one pound a week on ww and everyone clapping such losses. xx


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Thank you ladies, I'm having my add a meal this week - a week early but the monthly munchies are hitting me so would rather have a bowl of lettuce, Cucumber and tuna than carbs!!!