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Slow loser

:(I have come to the assumption I am gonna be a slow loser... for whatever reason, I really do not know why...my WI is on friday morning, and am showing no loss on my home scales this week again?...last week was the same for me? My scales are definately working, also weighed myself on the WI fit and that showed no change since last friday...:( so will have to just plod along, and believe that only the pharmacy scales are showing a loss..how mad is that? :confused:
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Forget about the scales for a minute hun, do you FEEL any better? Are your clothes feeling better?
Forget about the scales for a minute hun, do you FEEL any better? Are your clothes feeling better?
My sports jacket was definately not so snug yesterday, and my regular pair of jeans are slipping down a little..lol..so i am staying positive...i am keeping going..thanks hun!:)
well there you go then missus!

I suggest a) dont weigh on the wii fit and b) throw your other scales away

I dont know what scales you are using but if you can, get a good pair. I bought the Salter glass digital scales in Argos at a very reasonable price and they seem to work fine. Sometimes scales can stop working for some reason. And the fact your scales showed no loss and you had a weight loss in your pharmacy would suggest something wrong with your scales.

Buy them, put them in one place and only weigh in every morning about half an hour after your first wee and in the nuddy pants.

You are seeing results though if your clothes are getting better on you...you must be losing inches! Have you measured yourself? Im going to measure myself every 2 weeks or so for further thinspiration.

Keep at it babes, if you are having the 3 shakes, drinking the water and nothing else then you will see a loss.
Don't be downhearted babe, it is coming off and sometimes we do go through a low patch. I can stand on my scales one minute then go back 5 mins later and my weight has changed! I go by the chemists scales for my official WI results.

I feel exactly the same as you Kitten Kat. I'm counting it as a good week if I lose 3lbs - I don't know what I'll do if it comes in at less than that!

Slow loss is quite hard to accept when you see how much other people lose week in week out but we must remember that a slow loss is a million times better than a slow gain (which is what was happening to me before LT).

The support on here helps get me through - we're all in this together!


is loving the soup?!
But last week didn't your home scales show nothing and the pharmacist's scales a 5lb loss? So it seems highly likely you have lost this time as well.
And the wii fit is showing different from your home scales?
I'd ignore them and just stick with the one set of official scales.
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Losses are funny! Some people get BIG losses a few weeks into the LT. Some are just steady losers. But look if you do what this diet says.....The weight WILL come off! Just hang in there.

Oh and dump the other scales like everyone else said.
As long as you're shrinking! I knw the numbers REALLY help but if you feel better and clothes fit better then you know its working. Tomorrow morning you'll be flying I'm sure after you're WI! GOOD LUCK!! :D
Hiya hun, just checking in on ya!! Ya have been very disheartened over this last couple of weeks, so I hope ya are ok and have got results this week, Just to let ya know that I am thinking of ya!! Take care


Im gonna do this..;-)
:) Good luck kitten kat, you are doin great hun, hugs for you:hug99: x xi must admit i was abit dis heartened on my 2nd WI, but like eveyone said a loss is still a loss no matter how small:D. As for the scales i have to agree just try and wait till you go to the chemist to get weighed, i dont have any sacles at home which i think is a gud thing, otherwise id be on them day an night...lol x x stay strong hun;) x

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