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Slow starts?

Good afternoon everyone...

I have done SW (and WW and RC) before and I didn't do very well at my last SW attempt - 1lb week on 3lbs on the second and I didn't go back after that :/ The thing is I love the recipes and idea of SW so don't know if it was just a glitch but when I did RC I lost 11lbs in the first 2 weeks.

Did anyone else have a slow start and then go on to do really well?

Thanks for reading.
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SW should work for all hun so perhaps it was a glitch or something was wrong with how you followed the plans.
Your consultant should have looked at your diaries for those weeks to see if anything was amiss.
Not all plans suit all people so if EE didn't work, try red or green perhaps.


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I'd say the same as Jaylou, and make sure you plan and track. Some weeks for me on EE doesn't go well, so tweak it with a few Red days the week after, then EE works for the next week, Strange, but our bodies do strange things, lol. Good luck with what you decide though xx


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Think SW encourage a 'slower' healthier approach to the loss, its recomended that you lose at a rate of 1-2lbs a week. So i know that seems slow, but thats 52 - 104lbs a year ( 3st 10lbs - 7st6lbs )
I know losing it quick seems like a good idea, but losing at a 1-2lb rate allows you to tone up as you lose, avoiding too much lose skin at the end.
Dont be disheartened with ONLY 1lb. I lost 2lb every week, and it was soon gone:)

I really think SW is the best and easiest and the best to follow on into maintenance. Its a great healthy eating plan, for all the family, and not a diet.

give it a good trial. It really is great, have a look through the pictures thread for all the fab things you can eat on this plan ( I had 'diet' lack forest gateau last night for 4syns!)


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The losses you've reported when on SW are very good! SW isn't meant to be a quick fix, they say to expect to have losses of around 1-2 lbs a week, which health experts recommend as ideal weekly losses to allow your body to adjust accordingly. I find it also helps to get SW to stick - for me now it's a way of life and something I'm very happy to continue. Looking at my stats, people might think my weight loss is slow, but I know if I lost it all in a matter of months, I would have stopped doing SW and go back to my old eating habits - and put all the weight (and probably more!) back on.

It also depends on how much you have to lose - people with a lot more weight to lose may find their losses are really big at first, but eventually they will slow down to 1-2lb losses.

I wish you all the best with your weight loss journey, whatever plan you decide to follow xxx


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I'm consistently losing 1.5lbs. What annoys me is that SW says 1-2lbs is healthy then WHY have slimmer of the week? Why celebrate someone losing more than the healthy amount?
Thank you all for your replies, you are so right about doing this slowly and I have never wanted a quick fix but because I have so much to lose (7+ stone) I am used to having a good result the first week... And although I lost so much in the first 2 weeks of RC I have put it back on and more so obviously doesn't work long term for me.

Thanks again for your replies :)


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Ignore me, I'm just annoyed that I'm not losing more (especially at the beginning). The just seems rather contradictory to me, the whole slimmer of the week.
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Me and my sister both had slow starts, even slightly gaining some weeks, but all of a sudden we are losing really well, everybody is different, just give it a good chance, it is a very healthy and balanced way to lose weight so by the nature of it will not always be super fast
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the first time i did SW i GAINED weight 4 weeks in a row and gave up. Then when I went back the 2nd time I realised it was because the first consultant had never really explained the plan to me properly and the group wasn't very inspiring (full of grannies who gained most weeks and saw it as a morning out)

I've done much better the 2nd time round and even become a consultant myself! Hopefully I'm more like the 2nd consultant than the 1st :)

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