Slow weight loss. Due to lack of AAM??


Focused & goin for goal!
Hi, I'm in week 8 and am disappointed with last weeks weight loss (2.5lbs) and have weighed tonight (2 days early) and am fed up because I've only lost 1.25lbs. :(
I'm sticking to this 100% and was hoping for a good loss this week. I've been hungry and have found this week very difficult which makes the poor loss even more difficult to take.
I did do AAM a couple of weeks ago and just did it for 3 days as I didn't want to go overboard. I was keen for a good loss so didn't do the full week.
Maybe I need to do AAM to boost my metabolism.

What should I do? Stick at ssing and hope for the best or start eating now? (hungry!)

So cheesed off!! :mad:
TBH Fiojam, it could be a number of things, water retention being the obvious first one.

How much water do you drink??

Now, aam, I am a staunch supporter of aam, however everyones opinion is different, I followed aam throughout my journey and now I am in maitainence am finding it fairly easy and not putting weight on but still losing.

I think that maybe you should look at your water intake and also look at aam.

Vic x
AAM did it for me got the weight loss kick started agian the week after.
I think it is essential to do AAM as not only does it get you going in more ways than one. But also test your will power and shows you that you can eat without stuffing.
Great preperation mentally for maintenance.
But like Vic says water is key.

Hi Fiojam,

I think I posted similar to this last week. After 4 weeks SS my weight loss had dwindled to 1.5lbs per week (which compared to the effort is pathetic). Had AAM week this week (and fell off the wagon with a works do and 15 gin and tonics) and have lost 2lbs this week which i'm really pleased at, considering. I have loads more energy so I really feel adding more food in has perked things up. Not exactly looking forward to SS next week - but I am very hopeful losses will be more. I think there might be something in the concept that your metablism does adjust downwards to the food available (pre-historic famine mode) - and you probably need to fool it a bit.