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Slowing down at the end?

Hi Zombie

I've been on LL since the end of May - for the first 3 months I lost an everage of 3 pounds a week and then when I got nearer to the 'helathy' BMI range it started becoming nearer to 2lbs a week. Other people in my group haven't noticed much change all the way through.

However, for me the biggest problem when I started getting nearer to my goal was my brain tricking me into eating, rather than any natural slowing of the weight loss! Lots of things started to whizz round my head at once -
1) I started to worry about what was going to happen once I no longer had the security of the foodpacks
2) I wasn't quite as unhappy with myself as I had been before, hence less 'iron will' and
3) it sort of freaked me out that I was much slimmer than I have before and that I was getting slimmer that some of my slim friends.

I still have a few pounds to get to my original goal, but I'm trying not to concentrate so much on the scales from now on and hoping to use my clothes as a test instead. I'm hoping to start RtM in the new year.

Hope this helped, but I think everyone is different with this whole programme.

Monkey x
Hi Monkey gosh i feel just like you do at the moment..... i started on the 1st of May and have been losing 4lbs a week now it's between 1lb-2lb or it just stays the same. I've been100% committed through out so 230 days on tomorrow i am mentally exhausted!! Once you get nearer to your bmi your body does go on a bit of a go slow but i find the inches still come off....the whole thing about the mind games and the thought of eating again because of being used to the security of food backs is a constant thing in my head. At the moment i love my food pack routine (i've been having choc ice cream and choc muffins (using three choc shakes in the evening) and a cranberry bar with coffee (afternoon) as my routine every day) I am so comfortable in my routine that i don't really want to change it. The thought of eating really does not appeal in the slightest!! (lol)

Also the negative voice in my head is not as loud anymore either....i don't hate myself as much too and it is also very very very strange being skinnier than my thin friends too! I still have a few pounds to go before my 'goal' weight. Now that i am at a healthy bmi i have decided to judge my goal weight at fat percentage.

But like you i am going to go into RTM in the new year and take it from there....i will have to eat eventually!


229 days in weight loss over 100lbs
Hi Zomble thank you!

There are a few ways look at this link How do I measure my body fat percentage? | Answers | Mansized or Body Fat Percentage the easier one is using tanita scales which you can buy or your doctor should have the scales or a way of doing it. My gym has tanita scales so i use those just touch some sensors and it works it out. There are some websites which also work it out for you but you have to measure your hips, wrists, neck etc Home Body Fat Test if you want to have a go that way.

Once you know it i found that this website was very good in actually breaking it down for me as to what it all meant Understanding Your Body Fat Percentage because it helps you calculate what your lean body mass is and it could be that the goal weight you were going for would be too low when you compared it to your lean body mass the link gives a good example and how to work out an 'ideal' place to be. Between 20 - 25% is 'average'!

Anyway hope it helps....i do think though as you get towards the end you just know as your body will tell you.

Mad x

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