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slushy does sw


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my turn to start a new diary and a new eating plan.

today is day one of sw - having played with cd for over a year - starving - losing - binging- gaining and feeling deprived

for the most part it was good and i do think cd works but it just didnt fit my lifestyle so here i am at a fresh start

the strange thing is that since i actually decided to give up totaly on vlcd i have lost 3lbs! i guess eating properly again has kick started my metabolism but i have also started a marathon walking training programme and am pretty sure that must be helping ( this is the main reason i gave up on cd - no way could i walk that much on just shakes and bars)

i need to lose 2 stone but to be honest measurements are more important to me than weight!

anyway i have to say i have found this sw section of minis very friendly, welcoming and informative so far and your diaries etc have helped me with lots of food ideas - i am doing sw online ( body optimise) but do have the main sw books which i bought off ebay

heres my planned food for day 1:

B: banana, nectarine, muller light, tea with skimmed milk (hex a)
L: egg salad sandwich made with 2 slices wholemeal from 400g loaf (hex b), 2 spoons x light salad cream ( 2 syns), egg, salad veg, alpen light bar (hex b), tea
D: wholemeal pasta with passata garlic, onions and red chilis

snacks: fruit and one more alpen light bar
mid morning syn: nescafe vanilla latte sachet = 4 syns

activity for the day: walk 3 miles in under 50 mins
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Hey Slushy! How are you? Are you enjoying it so far? The gorup that I went to last night was great, I'm really looking forward to goign back next week. Fingers crossed that we both loose lots of weight.

Chika x


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good thanks chika hun
well im glad you liked your group and that youre raring to go.
i had a mega grocery shop yesterday and spent a fortune but looking at my cupbords now i have nough store cupboard basics to last a month lol and think ill only have to get fruit and veg every week

being able to have my nescafe vanilla latte mid morning as a syn is a life saver! i am a bit delerious with it all right now lol - hope it doesnt wear off!


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ta taz

well today has been good - i have to admit i do find diets easier in the summer when you can get outside and enjoy life more -

i just had a plate of pasta with a sauce so spicey hot it has almost blown my head off lol now sittng down with a cup of tea and an alpen lite bar and feeling chuffed with myself as i did my three mile walk in 51 minutes which isnt far off my target

hope its been a good day for you all - off to catch up on threads now


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cook pasta
meanwile heat a pan with a little veggie stock in it ( i use home made so cant say if oxo or cubes are ok or not)
saute some crushed garlic and chopped red chili peppers in the stock till tender
add passata and heat though and add fresh ground black pepper just before pouring the sauce onto your pasta

totally yummy

i think the wholewheat pasta might take a bit of getting use to though : S


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well i am off to bed at the end of day one and have to say that i enjoyed my sw food a lot today. tomorrow will be a real test as i am back at work but i have made up a pasta salad to take with me .

anyway thats tomorrow

nite all
Sounds like you're off to a good start. I use half wholewheat and half normal penne so you get some more goodness but not all of the wholewheat taste! (only on a Green day though)


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ok so day two dawns.

feeling upbeat and positive and im going to be quite busy all day so very active although no actual walk or workout scheduled.

flying to boston this evening ( work) but have, as mentioned above, got my pasta salad and alpen light bar to take with me so i wont be tempted to pig out on the flight except for some fruit maybe.

todays menu:

B: fresh fruit salad, mullerlight, tea with skimmed milk from allowance ( hex a )
MM: nescafe vanilla latte ( 4 syns)
L: salad ( from tescos food club magazine) of green beans, peas, eggs, broadbeans, spinach and spring onions, dressing made from low ft natural yoghurt, lemon juice mustard and herbs, 2 slices wholemeal bread ( hex b) spread with x lite salad cream ( 2 syns) . Alpen lite bar. ( hex b)
D: pasta salad, alpen lite bar.

fruit and muller light to snack on during day

wont be around till i get home sunday but expect to be fine in bos as right opposite our hotel is a fab healthy eating food store and deli!

hope you all have a lovely and skinny weekend.



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well i am back home

managed to stick to a good diet while i was away - maybe too much so as saturday i had nothing but superfree foods ( only fruit and salads ) and a small amount of skimmed milk

today has been pretty much the same - mainly due to being too busy to sit and eat properly - but i am conscious i may not have eaten enough so am heading downstairs to grab a packet of ryvita minis in a minute then ill be off to bed early - - wel i have been up for 35 hours straight at the moment!

did a good fast 4 mile walk in boston but got lost and forgot to time myself properly

and now - despite the horrible gales - i have just done5.5 miles in 85 minutes which means i have cracked it into the 16 minute mile range which pleases me heaps

nothing much else very interesting to share with you - off to work out menus for tomorrow which i have decided will be a green day again as i want to try janeys creamy garlic mushrooms on a bakes 'tato - - soumnds yummmm

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