Small dilemma, don't know what to do! help please?

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    Hi everyone, I'm new to the forum. I'm 20yrs old and I've lost 2stone on CD and I want to lose another 21/2-3st then start maintenances hopefully.

    The problem is I went to the dentist today and he tried to fix a cavity I have, but because the tooth was really bad he said I will have to get it removed :cry:
    Anyway he said my other teeth are not in great shape (I could get more cavities if I don't take extra care). He thinks I'm eating a ton of sugar because thats what essentially causes the cavities.. but I'm not!! I am however having 2 choc mint shakes and a bar a day lol. The sugar in them are ruining my teeth!! He was really suprised about the state of my tooth and felt the need to keep telling me about it :mad:

    I don't know what to do, I LOVE CD its changed me in so many amazing ways but what I experienced today scared me so much!! I don't want more teeth to be removed (I cried for ages when I found about just the one).

    Should I risk it and do CD for another 3 months?? It may not affect my other teeth? I'm so scared to stop, I want to lose the last 3 stone with CD and only CD lol. I really don't know what to do. I'm scared for my teeth too. My gums used to bleed and my dentist said I had a really mild case of gums disease (from not eating I guess?) THAT scared me soo much that I started brushing 4 times a day lol they don't bleed anymore now, thank god. I didn't tell him that I'm doing CD, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't have approved...

    Sorry to ramble on, would love to here what you guys think!! I'm so upset and confused about this.
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    there's next to no sugar in the products, because sugar is a carbohydrate (the worst kind, in fact). However because you aren't eating proper food, your teeth are more vulnerable as they're not being 'cleaned' by the chewing of food. I've noticed my teeth get 'coated' more quickly. However, if you could bruah a couple more times a day, it would make up for it.
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    With your Teeth , I don't think it has anything todo with CD .
    But Gum disease if you floss and use oral B mouthwash you can reserve it .
    My sister was told she also has it and thats what he said , also you can go to another dentist .
    Don't trust every dentist as I have been told things which were not true . and found another . which i'm happy with now , Just make sure you can get in with another before leaving this one .
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    I'm currently having dental treatment done and the Dentist knows I'm on the Diet, I told him as I was afraid of getting injections & having side effects after. He made no qualms about the diet, in fact he said my mouth is very healthy.
    Mmm, why don't you try having your shakes using a tall glass & straw?? That way the shake goes straight down and avoids most of your teeth??
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