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smear test results


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Hi ladies, I have had regular smears since 20 (now in my 40's) 6 months ago i received my results which said borderline changes which obviously caused panic. I was requested to go back for another one in 6 months which i did yesterday. Has anyone else had this experience, thanks x now awaiting results xx
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My sister had this for about 3 smears in a row!! I shouldn't be worried about it, they're just being extra cautious.



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My ex's sister had irregular smear tests every time she went, and she is now 33! Don't be too worried about it, as Alwyn says, they're being extra cautious. x
Ive been getting smears every 6 months for 4 or 5 yrs now, everytime borderline changes but not yet abnormal, has never changed. Im in my 20's!

Try not to worry-easier said than done i know
i had stage 5 abnormal cells and had loop diathermy, not painful , just zappa cancerious cells away, have to have smear every 6 months for 10 years tho
After DS2 I had abnormal smear test and had to be tested every 6 months. After 3rd abnormal test I was sent to hospital to have them removed as a precaution. It was more embarassing than painful but have had normal results ever since.
I had abnormal cells for quite a few smears and eventually they turned into CIN3 (pre-cancerous). Often they go back to being normal on their own but mine didn't.

I had a cone loop biopsy to get rid. It had to be done under general anesthetic as my cervix is in a funny place (on the side for some reason!!). First time they missed some bits so I had to have it done again a few months later.

My smears have been normal ever since and I am now back on 12 month intervals instead of 6 so I'd say its nowt to worry about but just make sure you get checked regularly so any further changes can be tracked and dealt with if nesser.
Hi everyone, i posted about my smear test about a week ago and got some very appreciated answers from you. However, am pleased to say that i received results in post to day and they came back negative, am sooooo relieved. I will have to have 6 monthly smears for a while to be safe but im so happy now and thanks again xxx
Sooooo pleased for you. What a relief and it is brilliant they are keeping an eye on you.

hugs xxx


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Glad to hear you got the all clear!! xx

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