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Omg! i expexted my breath to smell so today for work i packed mouthwash, listerine etc as well as the breath strips!
under control!:cool:
but i had no idea about this body odour?! how embarassing tomorrow i'm buying some extra strong deodrant!
has anyone else had this problem!???:cry:

its horrible i feel so gross!!!!:eek:
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I haven't noticed it, but, I know when my Dad did Atkins he did not smell nice at all & they're both based on ketosis, so, I assume it's normal!

Good luck with the super strength deodorant ;-)

I haven't noticed that either, but I find that I'm not cooking or snacking in the evening so i've plenty of me-time, I'm telling ya, my body has never been so groomed in it's life!!

Wobbley Woo

Life Is A Constant Diet.
Glad you posted this.Been wondering why I suddenly stink of BO and never used to. I've been using Mitchum Deoderant and it's made no difference at all.Having to carry sprays around with me as well now.
Not had this problem - I think....but maybe we all smell and just haven't noticed????:eek: Must ask my OH when he gets home...but then he has a very poor sense of smell hee hee.


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not had bo probs but def do with the mouth..cant wait til my breath strips arrive and nor can anyone else lol

h x

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