Smoke coming out of my computer

Yes it is a Dell, but we've always had Dell.

I know they recalled some batteries, but mine doesn't match the number.

I plugged in my ipod and saw a spark...then saw puffs of smoke coming out.

Made me want a fag :) Time to back up again me finks.
I unplugged the ipod, sort of quickly loike.

Now contemplating next move whilst DH tries to convince me that taking computer apart is not always the best idea.

But I like taking things apart :confused:

Bother, bother, sob, sob ...
Think the usb port is knackered DQ :( It's done something weird with my iPod too. My split tracks are only playing one side, but out of both speakers.

Very weird. Will need to investigate further.

Fortunately there are other USB ports to use. Gave me a bit of a fright though:eek:

It gets so boring keep having to put out fires :eek:
How you can be so blase about it is beyond me! :rolleyes:

:D Reminds me of when I chucked that 1/2pt of coffee on my last laptop. Lost everything. Every little thing. Years of compositions, all school plans and reports etc etc etc.

Told Headmaster, and he said he couldn't understand why I seemed happy about it.

I didn't tell him I went into shock at the time. Hardly ate or slept for 3 days. Shivery, hot cold sweats etc ;)
That's it. All relative innit.

Still have everything on computer, and it just can't be compared to when I burned the kitchen down (once or twice...or was it 3 times?)

Long time ago now when I was a kiddiewink;)