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do any of you find you are smoking more since starting this? it should be called celebrity smoke for me lol i migt not die of obesity it will be something smoking related. i think once i lose the weight ill try and ditch the cigs, its shown me doing this that i have more willpower than i think!
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Oh Em I could have written this! I did the same during LL, smoked for Britain! I too am looking to kick the deadly weed once I'm at my ideal weight and I've maintained it for a wee while, as you say, if we've the willpower for this, then we have the willpower to stop smoking!

Guess we now know how super models live - water, coffee and cigs with a little light salad on the side lol!!!!
lol i actually think i could survive quite nicely on coffee n cigs!! well... for a day or something lol im using the excuse that i cant eat, i cant drink so the only thing i have left is smoking lol which is true but jeez im taking it too far
yeah i dont want to totally deprive myself mazza your right x


Eloquent hooligan
I'm chuffing for England too :)

It gives me something I can do with my hands other than feed my face. Or at least summat I can do with my hands when I'm in company :D
pmsl howdy take up knitting, its less contraversial or you could come and do my ironing for me, ive given up half way through


Eloquent hooligan
I'm ace at ironing me :D Army training in a previous life.. my creases are razor sharp :)
oh i do creases allright just in all the wrong places lol
i could live on tea and cigs for a while its when you have had too many and you start to feel light headed that i hate
oooh havent had that buzz yet... and its legal too lol
Ahhh, nicotine and caffine what a wonderful combo! I know smoking is such a huge no-no these days and so anti-social, hardly anyone I know smokes now - but I've persevered!

I enjoy it and if I'm honest, I don't know even when I do reach my "perfect weight" that I'd stop, as I enjoy it....just keep hoping one day I'll wake up and hate it, either that or I get a huge health scare to give me a big shake! But for now, I'm puffing away like the magic dragon!
lol i love smoking too, its not even as if i dont like it i just dont want to die from it!
Never even thought of the whole smoking problem - oh well, I will give up when I'm thin, my weight has been the biggest battle of my life, if I can beat that I can beat anything! Although I will no doubt turn into Patsy from Ab Fab after about 2 days on the diet lol! xx
LOL Aimee - start to worry when you dye your hair peroxide blonde and put it in a beehive!


Is wearing skinny jeans!
Im a secret smoker, my hubby doesnt even know! Only my mates at uni and my kids know. My hubby would go mad! So now its even harder as when i cant eat i want to smoke!! and when i cant smoke i want to eat!! I have to find something else to do?? hmm im sure Howdy will have an answer to that ay girls lol
lol..... how on earth can ur husband not know you smoke?! when i didnt smoke i could smell it a mile off, still can if ive not had one in a while
i smoke and i can tell if some one else has had a cig

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