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I'm on day 3 and the first day I smoked loads more :( Now though because the cigerettes were nicer after food (gross I know for you non smokers lol) I'm not smoking hardly any! :)
When I first did a VLCD I was a smoker, and yes I did smoke a lot more at first, but it settled down.

I have given up smoking since, and am back on SSing to shift the stone I gained lol x


running strictly on fat!
Definitely smoking more! keeping myself on the edge: coffee and cigarettes - it's seems these are my only vices lately haha
I'm a social smoker - I smoke more fuelled by alcohol but have since starting CD increased the amount I smoke during the week, I suppose I'm up to about 5 cigs a day :( I enjoy my cigs though and couldn't bear to give them up as well as alcohol and food x


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I am the total opposite!
I have gone from smoking 20 a day, to 9 or 10 a day. X
omg i was gonna post something about this before, coz im smoking loads more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i only use to smoke 3-4 a day now im on 10-15 a day :-o Feel like a right fag end, i must stink!!
I was a social smoker pre CD. now I smoke daily to have some sort of 'treat' and also feel less hungry.
I tend to gag on my cigs more now that i am SSing because if im hungry i always gag on them. I love to have one after a big meal. think i'll give up soon x
Yep, smoking a lot more! Smoking and my weight seem to go hand in hand....and I normally replace one thing with the other. Ironically, I'm losing the weight I put on from giving up smoking a few years ago.
Will be quitting the cigs this year...which is the main reason why I started Cambridge (so if I put a little weight on it wouldn't be disastrous!!)
Bloody ‘ell...no junk food, no alcohol, no fags....I will almost be a nun ;)


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Last time I was doing CD I thought it was the best time to give up smoking, I had lost 80% of my weight about 5 stone and I wasn't hungry so gave it a go, with in 3 weeks I was completely off plan (AKA stuffing my face) and a week later I started smoking again, I can not give up both at the same time! So this time I am just dieting, I will deal with the smoking afterwards! x

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