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I really want to up my intake of fruit as I havent been as good lately, does anyone have any easy recipies for fruit smoothies that I can make at work in a morning please, I havent made them before, do i just throw fruit and milk in a blender and see what happens???
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HIya Vicky

Yep! That's basically it....experiment with different combinations and you can also use yoghurt, lots of ice or even creme fraiche!

Happy experimenting and let us know what gems you create! My favourite is mango, pear and kiwi!!!


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MMmmm, sounds fab, Im going to nip and get some fruit in the morning and have a bash!!


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I make loads of different smoothies, but never used a recipe. I just chuck in this and that, and adjust according to taste.

So, milk, fruit, yoghurt...a few oats or seeds if you want.

If you use frozen fruit, you'll get a slush puppy type smoothie. I don't like them like that, so always put the frozen fruit in the microwave first.

Any old bananas? put them in the freezer, peeled and in foil, then add them when needed to your smoothie :)

I always add yoghurt. The extra protein means it keeps me going longer. Sometimes add porridge oats (uncooked) for the same reason.

I also have no qualms about adding a bit of everything. The spare grape, the half tin of peaches etc. All seems to taste yummy :)


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Im getting excited now, so tomorrow, Im getting some sklimmed milk, some no fat or v low fat natural yoghurt and some fruit!!

Think banana and strawberry to start, or maybe mango!!!


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The yoghurt is really important. My nutritionalist friend says never to have a smoothie without yoghurt, and never to have chocolate without nuts :)

You can see why she's my friend :D


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oooh I want one now!! reading about smoothies...cant wait until I can start doing some. :)


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Ooohh, my mouth is watering reading all these posts.

I got a juicer and smoothymaker for my birthday and Christmas. Ironically, I have not be able to have any for myself yet because I am still SSing on LL! (Everyone else is happy though).

Can I suggest though adding cinnamen or nutmeg or ginger to the smoothies for that extra ZING.

One of the changes I will make when eating again is having juices/smoothies for breakfast to set me up for the day. I don't usually bother with breakfast, so this will be an improvement!


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Can you use normal yoghurt? Like muller or something or does it have to be proper yoghurt?

Also, can you get smoothy makers where they collect all the bits? Dont like bitty stuff! And would the smoothys be as good for you if the bits were taken out?


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You can use any type of yoghurt. I use greek yoghurt. Did try set yoghurt once, but it wasn't the same. Still palatable though.

The 'bits' are good for you, but I only really get them if I do raspberries, kiwi or dates. Don't mind the kiwi or dates, but the raspberries pips seem to turn a bit strange. Swallow most without noticing though.
OH, I forgot about adding Yogurt! How about protein powder or something like SlimFast shake powder or will that make you gain weight?

A friend of mine just started a diet...where she is replacing breakfast and lunch with Large Smoothies with fruit, veggies, 2% milk, and protein powder. Then, eating a healthy dinner. She says she has started to loose weight already.


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I dont use milk in mine, I use like the kids no added sugar juice, but dont dilute it, or apple juise, yummmmo

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I quite like orange juice, vanilla yoghurt, banana and frozen berries in mine. It makes it really cold, plus it's easy to just keep a bag in the freezer so it's really convenient. Like KD said too, you can even freeze your bananas so it's dead easy.