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Snack attack - Emergency


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I just replied on the other thread lol.

What day are you having? You could have fruit, muller light? If not, I've just had a quick search of the syns in treats thread and found these:
French Fries are 4syns, Curly Wurlys are 6syns, 2 finger Kit Kat are 5.5 syns..
Thanks all for your prompt responses - I was quite sensible thanks to your suggestions - normally I would have a few bags of crisps and a bar of chocolate but instead I had a bag of french fries and a chocolate highlite drink! Really enjoyed it and still did not have too many synns yesterday.

Thank you guys ;)


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if your having a really bad day hon and want to eat loads of crap i suggest always having an emergency bag of smash or pasta and sauce just in case XXX


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Sounds daft, but keep drinking water... often just making sure you're hydrated helps stave off what we perceive to be hunger.

And I always bring a fruit salad to nibble on at work. I buy a whole pineapple, mango, apple, etc. Whatever I fancy, and chop them up and bring a good sized portion to work to nibble on. It's a godsend!

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