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Snack attack

Oh dear - I just had a bad case of the munchies - and i wasnt very hungry.....

I sat down tonight and totted up my daily calories and It said I had only had 800 cals today. I wasnt hungry but this seemed to give me license to eat 5 oatcakes (about 200 cals) and a pear...

It was all low Gi so it shouldnt stimulate fat storage - but still not a good habit to get into

A bit worried as I dont want to make a habit out of it..
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Don't worry Ally, snacking on Low GI foods is encouraged by Patrick Holford, in the low GL book! helps keep your blood sugar even more stable! If your calories are fine and you didn't eat anything high GI you're grand.


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You were probably doing the right thing in adding a few more calories to your daily total, 800 might not be enough to keep you out of starvation mode and could jeopardise your metabolism.
I think your food choices sound good, are the oat cakes nice? High in cals/carbs? I'm getting bored with rice cakes now! :)

xx Cathy xx

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Join the club hun must be catching I just had 1 oatcake with LF cottage cheese and a few strawberries.
Im loving the ginger oatcakes they are really yummy - like biscuits. They are 43 cals each and only .5g of fat. They are low GI/GL so they are quite filling too


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Hi oxally,
Well done on snacking healthily, its the reaching for the choccie and crisps etc thats bad for us so at least you made a good choice. Which ones do you buy, I got the nairns original oatcakes found them to be the lowest calorie wise, what do you have them with, I have an odd with just on its own (am I weird?)
I didnt have a yoghurt after my dinner last night so had a few calories to spare and shared a pack of crisps with oh, tayto treble crunch cheese and onion (equate to 1 ww point per pack) so sharing them with oh (and letting him have most) I only ate a few calories and they were gorgeous. Then guilt got the better of me and went out for an hour powerwalk. Legs are sore today. Im back to work in a few wks so hopefully that will help me lose also as I wont be sitting around the house where temptation is everywhere...
The original ones are gorgeouse with a tiny bit of no added sugar peanut butter (kelkin). Very few calories

But if your after a sweet snack - the ginger ones are lower in calories than the original (only by 2 calories but it all adds up) and they are low gi/gl. I think it was the fact I ate 5 that got to me.

But I weighed myself this morning and my scales tells me im down a pound. But ill wait for my official weigh in tommorrow

We are going out for lunch today - and bless the girls in work are letting me decide where to go because of my 'dietry requirments' but im so so nervous!!!


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Enjoy your lunch out you are doing fantastic, will have a look for the ginger ones next time Im in tescos


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My bf is doing low GI still and he finds the Ryvita excellent too. A good light lunch for him is 2 garlic and rosemary ryevita, crudites of celery, carrot and onion and a table spoon of no added fat red pepper n garlic hummus.



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My bf is doing low GI still and he finds the Ryvita excellent too. A good light lunch for him is 2 garlic and rosemary ryevita, crudites of celery, carrot and onion and a table spoon of no added fat red pepper n garlic hummus.

MMMMMM that sounds absolutely delicious, will have to try that.

So ryvita's are low GI??


Getting married July 2011
Yeah, cos they're made with rye not wheat.
I find it hard to measure the gi of everything , so basically paul's just cutting out white rice, wheat flour (wholewheat is ok), potatoes and only a little pasta. Oh and all sugar. He's eating about 1500 cals per day. Guys should lose weight on that. He's eating nice stuff tho. Porridge with strawberries every morning, chicken salad, or chicken pitta/wholemeal wrap for lunch, or homemade soup n homemade brown bread. Then for dinner a big big salad with balsamic and a really small portion or beef stroganoff, lasagne, cottage pie, fajita, or whatever else he feels like. I can't wait to join him. I marinated beef in balsamic vingar for him last week, n then added stock n veg n cooked it for a few hours, he was crazy about it. I served it with boiled pearl barley.

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