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Snacking - epiphany!

..of sorts anyway lol.

Just had my dinner and despite feeling full (and leaving some on the plate as per Paul McKenna) when I was making a cup of tea I realised my mind was just wandering towards the "wonder what i can snack on" mode. As i have already used 2 snacks for today I only have one left and it really made me think about how, if not on this plan, I would have likely automatically grabbed something even though I had thrown food out cos i was full!!

So cup of tea, no snack and maybe one later :)
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I had a moment just like this whilst preparing to cook dinner this evening.
Starting gettings pans out, then started thinking 'hmm what shall i have a quick snack on whilst i cook?!'

Luckily i thought about in time to stop it.

Good thing that you realised what you were doing, keep it up.
I'm like that too, after my tea I always want something sweet and usually reach for the chocolate even when I'm full up!

I watched that Paul McKenna programme ^.^ I've been putting my knife and fork down after each mouthful, and eating in the dining room instead of in front of the TV, I think I might be a week behind you
lol.. nope .. just a couple of days. I ordered his DVD and it just arrived so daily "hypnosis" for me :).
what r pauls suggestions then??
Thats y this is good, cause it teaches u self control.
I didnt have all my snacks today and only had a 465kcal microwave meal 4 dinner so enjoyed a nice glass of wine with my dinner and some french fries crisps watching telly. It def pays to save the snacks til the end of the day!
I'll scan in the main points from his book when it arrives and post it
I love Paul mackenna's book, it really got me thinking about my eating habits, and stopped me feeling bad about myself all the time.

Would reccomend to anyone!


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i wonder sometimes that i eat just for the sake of it, and also think what the hell i would be eating if i didnt make this change

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