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    I don't know whats wrong with me these past few days, but I want to eat loads of bad things, but not because I'm hungry, but because I want the taste..

    Does anyone else ever feel like that? Last night I had just eaten my tea and I wanted to eat nacho's, even though I was full. And today I have eaten a huge bowl of rice and i'm sat staring at crumpets.. that I don't even like that much but I want to taste them lol.

    am I going a bit mad?
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  3. vanda

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    I have felt like that too I think its just the change in eating habits taking time to settle down.

    The way I deal with it is to tell myself I can eat it if I want but if I carry on eating that way I'll stay fat. I dont want to stay fat so its my choice not to eat it. Doing it this way, its my choice, I feel good about myself and dont mind not eating.

    Hope things settle for you soon
  4. Funky Mum

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    Me too! Mine was a real urge, it was needing to satisfy my mouth.
    I go to a weight loss support group and the lady who runs it is into hypnotherapy and things that that. She did a thing called Emo Trance which basically means seeing your 'need' as a colour and shape then turning it into energy and sending it off out of your body. I have to say its worked fab on me so far. I don't get that need anymore.
    Not sure if its the same as you find, maybe mine was more to do with comfort eating?
  5. size102b

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    Hi I had this yesterday as I expected a bigger loss as all week my scales said Id lost 2.5lbs and I weighed yesterday and it went down to 1lbs ,so I wanted to eat to comfort the fact I hadnt lost what the scales said I had BUT I didnt like vanda says If I do I will stay fat But its very hard not to fall from tme to time for what ever reason it is for all of us hey .......
    Maybe save a couple of points each day for a few days and allow something you really want to have ,that way it feels naughty but within your points :) xx
  6. emski

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    Right now I could happily go into the kitchen and eat the contents of my fridge.. but I wont.. I have had all my points for today but do have 3.5 activity points banked so think I will trade some of them in for a couple of ww biscuits to have with a cuppa..:D
  7. slimmarach

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    Hi. I have also felt this way. I think your mind can play tricks with you a bit as when we are on a weight loss journey we are more aware of food and i have even been dreaming about really random foods like candy floss lol ! I think you do tend to crave certain things when dieting and like you say it is usually things that you wouldn't normally want. Like if you go shopping when really hungry you will find yourself wanting to grab that pepperami or sausage roll out of the fridge when normally you wouldn't even look at it twice lol !!
  8. big-dollop

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    ive been craving mars bars for about a week so @ the w/end i bought one and cut it into 4 pieces and froze it i have only eaten one piece so far. with it being frozen lasted as long as a full unfrozen one. might sound a bit bizzare but it worked for me
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  9. bridebeth87

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    I really like that idea! Going to give it a go :D
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