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Snacks ???????

Oh no- have you had a look at the 'what we are eating today' thread? i got some good ideas from there? what are you eating with your veg and salad?
babybel?ham? pork scratchings? MIM? SF Jelly and cream? roast chicken dunked in curry or chilli mayo?
and the recipe thread, how about some full fat cream cheese as a snack, just factor in the carbs.
I've been reading those threads and been out buying so i can try some different things!
And yes longratia, had sf jelly n cream last 2 nights lol ,
made some spicy chicken things las t night from the atkins recipe book, but didnt like them, :-(
made a stir fry but didnt enjoy it coz the rest of the family were eating a roast dinner with home made pavlova for afters :-0
ate cheese as a snack everyday so far lol
made the 'muffin in a minute' this morning !!!! Yuk !! sorry its not for me it tastes bloody awful ha ha ha
Yes i'm missing me sweet stuff, the stuff that got me here doing this diet ha ha ha

Its hard when someone is sitting near you having something you cant have. you could have had a roast too? just forget the potatoes and yps and carb count your gravy and veg?? (i hate stir fry too )
Luckily its only me to cook for so it doesnt bother me and when my lodger eats she usually has it after ive eaten anyway so im full and not bothered.
once you have found some staple recipes cant you make everyone else in the family have the food too - but with rice/potatoes?
M, yes, I like Olives as well, I prefer the dry packed black ones from Tesco.
Yes, I'd have had the roast as well, and probably fried up some cabbage and leek with he drippings from the roast.
I always have roast with everyone with Cauliflower pureed with cream and butter mmm. You have to get away from looking at what other eat and being envious and find stuff you enjoy. I like to feel righteous when everyone else eats rubbish and I think I am loosing weight and enjoying my food. You need to find stuff you like but maybe its less that you don't like it and more you would prefer what the rest of the family has?

Me, DH and DD eat the same thing at tea time. I just either don't have the potatoes/rice/pasta or we all don't have them as I've been cooking new recipes.

Snacks, I like cheese and pepperamis.
Yes did well to resist the roast & pavlova as they are both my faves lol
Not a lover of olives :-(
yes think i'm just craving what i see everyone eating around me. but
unfortunately no ones prepared to diet with me, as no one else needs too!!
We dont eat processed foods i cook alot of fresh foods, as a family our diet is good on the whole.
I've just got into bad habits, and need to break them. I have a bee-atch of a sweet tooth!! and i'm partial to too many white wine spritzers!!!!:(
but i'll start introducing some healthier/atkins to their diets slowly that way they wont notice :D

Anyhow i'm doing betta now, my first weeks done so most cravings have gone.
i've decided my main 2 problems are -
1) i'm a bit of a fussy eater, i'm trying different things but i have a limited palate
2) also i struggle to eat breakfast, always have. (actually i dont have a great appetite full stop. )

but i'm getting me head round it now so its my first weigh in tomorrow so we'll see what the scales say!! always good for alittle incouragement if you've had a loss ;-)
That is a great loss, that first week on Atkins is always great. Well done. :D

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