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Sneaking Veg into Meals!

You can hide grated carrots in most things.
Mushrooms are a must for bolognese for me.
Also bubble & squeak mash using sprouts, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage or anything else you fancy.
Diced veg in savoury rice.
grated carrots in a spag bol is always a must for me, adds more flavour..... along with onions and mushrooms (lots of them)

Chilli the only veg I use is onion.... I put baked beans in too though.

I make a chicken tikka with looaads of peppers and onions, that's really good on a EE day, and it's the household favourite.
I dice peppers, onions, carrots (or whatever I have in the fridge) and mix it in with my rice/cous cous then add the chilli/curry etc on top. Also, for cost saving and to bulk my meals out I either grate or dice really small so that the veg almost melts into the sauce. Saves money on meat and gets loads of superfood in to me
Happy Holidays said:
If you're making a chilli, spag bol, shepherds pie etc you could always make the sauce first adding in any veggies, say carrots, onions, swede & then blitz it that way you don't have any 'bits'.

Or you could mash carrots with potatoes to may a yummy mash to go with any meal.
I agree! I actualy think if you blitz up veggies and add lean mince it's a great base for spaghetti Bol, Indian dishes and chillis!! My new gave thing!! Also if you make the speed soup and stir in half s portion of half fat cheddar then stir through pasta and top with the rest of the cheese it's super tasty!!
Thanks for all the replies guys, I will try blitzing the sauce to get rid of the bits!

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