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*sneaks in* CD nil, WW one

Due to hellish depression i just cannot do CD. I'm making life a nightmare at the moment.

Thanks to Starlight and her amazing loss i have been inspired to join WW. Now, im going to do it online for the time being simply as i have no time for a class for the next few weeks.

I'm gunna need help! I'm not in a huge rush, and strongly believe that VLCD's increase the risk of regaining the weight - so i'm giving this a go. Hopefully joining a gym tomorrow too!

Iei me xxx
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morning leah... ive suffered with really bad depression for about 10 years if not longer.... but i didnt no u cudnt do cd if u suffer from it. my 1st cdc never even asked me about it.

i realy hope ww works for you.. i hope you get the lossess the other girls have had on there.

good luck with it.
I know some people can do it, but i personally cant. It's a good diet and all, i just value my happiness and relationship more than weight loss :D

Lemme know how it goes for you xxx


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Good luck leah in WW!! You do know whats best for you in the end, and there are far more precious things than a number in the back of a skirt.


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Hello Leah,
Good luck, i have just started this too,changed from cd,we can do it huni xx
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Good luck Leah & Gemma xx
You have to look at what suits you, cd was fab for me at the time,
I haven`t gained any of the weight I lost on it, but then again i`m not losing very fast at all. ( not sticking 100% to my points or measuring portions everytime so I can`t blame ww)

I just knew cd was going to be a quick fix for me to keep motivated and keep losing weight, but I see ww as more of a long term plan and way of life.

Good luck with it Leah, you are quite right not to put your relationship and happiness at risk.
sending lots of hugs your way x x x


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Hi Leah

I did CD for 2 weeks, but the shakes made me sick, so I had to stop. Needless to say I put all the weight on that I lost. Now I'm doing WW and feel much better about myself. I've still got a long way to go, but we can do it :)



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Hey Leah - good for you, making a positive decision.
Best of luck with it chickie ;):Dx
Hiya hun
Im on the SW diet and i too previously started on CD and nearly killed myself in the process. I couldnt drink the shakes and the only thing i liked was the soups.....but 2 days into it i nearly had a severe ar crash because i felt soooooooooo ill.
Ive suffered from depression, low self esteem and 90% is caused by my weight, im not happy with the way i look and feel but i have taken the bull by the horns and doing SW.

Ive heard WW is a fantastic diet.....doesnt suit me.....but i know of people who have had fantastic quick results.

Keep focused and your chin up
Ruthy xxx
Thanks hun.
Keep at it and im sure you will be fine.
Ruthy xxx
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Hey hun, welcome to WW. Funny that you have switched into it and I have just switched out... very true what the girls have said about it being what suits you at the time. WW is a fab plan and I am considering going back to it after finishing my month or so on CD. WW has educated me to eat healthily and I am confident that once this weight has shifted I can come back to it and use it to help me lose a bit more and then maintain, unfortunately for me right now I need quick losses as I want to be slim for summer, so have had to come off it, but in terms of the diet itself and how I felt on it, I couldn't fault it!!

Thank you for your replies girlies :)

Went shopping last night seeing as we had nothing in the house, spent £100 on totally healthy food - felt good. The only thing unhealthy was a pack of penguins which the OH adores and as he's skinny so i suppose thats allowed.

Can't wait for all my books to arrive now so that i can get started (although will use a online calculator to see how many points i consume without TRYING to point - ifywim)

Love you all xxx

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