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Sneakybunny's journey back to size 12!

Hi there everyone!!

Well this is the start of my new CD journey. I have got my first consultation session with my counsellor this aft and am intending to commence ss on sunday 7th November, It's the 5th today and we organised about a month ago to have friends over for bonfire night so it seemed daft starting the day after.

Gosh Im rambling already! Where to start with my story eh? I was always slim growing up and very very sporty too. Then something happened when i hit 25......and I expanded! Lol! To be honest I think I just continued to eat and drink what I wanted to, but getting a bit older and doing less excercise etc made the calories stick. I went from 132lbs at 20 up to 180lbs at 28. I joined WW and managed to get down to 142lbs for my wedding day aged 30 back in 2006.
Almost 5 years and 2 children later I have essentially yo-yo'd. I hit 226lbs after the birth of my first daughter in May 2008 and again did WW and got down to 156lbs by April 2009. I then fell pregnant again and gave birth again in May 2010 after which I was around 200lbs. In July 2010 I rejoined WW and am now 175lbs however I am bored with WW. Dont know why, just bored of counting points. I did so well last time with it so decided I just needed a change of plan.

5 weeks ago I bumped into a friend who I've not seen in 6 months. She looked AMAZING!! Losing 6 stone in as many months!! I was mezmerised!! She told me she had done it on the cambridge diet. I have therefore spent the last 5 weeks researching ss on the CD and am sooo excited to be starting in less than 48 hours time!! Im cutting back on carbs this week and drinking lots and lots of water of preparation and am ready for the battle to commence! I know it's not going to be easy, especially at the begining but I know with lots of support I can do this. Who's with me?!

Thank you for reading my first ever diary post - feel free to post anything. I have been a bit of a lurker reading other's diaries and am inspired by you all.

Ruth xx :)

PS) How do you do the ticker countdown thing on your profiles? Thanks!! x
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Now Maintaining :)
Welcome Ruth, the diet is fab. Stay determined and you will lose the weight in no time. All the hard work is so worth it once you are close to your goal and see the change in yourself. :)

Good luck.
Well here we are now with less than 24 hours to go before I commence!! Eeek! Had friends over last night for bonfire night. I made us each an individual shepherd's pie and it was well yummy. I did them individual so I could put less mash on mine so to reduce the carbs. To be honest, I dont think it would have made that much difference as we drank far too much alcohol. Our friends announced their engagement so we drank champagne as well as wine. Was feeling rather tipsy when we crawled into bed at 2am...then our 2 year old woke us up fresh as a daisy at 6am. Hasten to add we are feeling rather off today, lol. I have been drinking pints and pints of water though - though that is most prob just rehydrating me. Doh - an such a spanner sometimes!! So much for not having a blow out before starting the CD tomorrow! Going to have a fresh tuna, tomato and basil salad for dinner tonight with lots of water and hopefully that will set me up a bit better for CD tomorrow.
Thanks for your replies btw - it really means alot to hear from others who are doing this. Ive decided not to tell anyone apart from my hub of course - that Im doing CD. It is not worth the hassle from others who think you are doing something stupid and try to talk you out of it. I know its going to be hard in anycase without constantly having people going on about it. I do worry about weekends though - but luckily our social life is not that colourful these days with having a 6 month old and a 2 year old to look after!! On a plus my hub and I are going t have a competition to see who can lose the most weight before mky maternity leave finishes in Feb 11 - he's just doing healthy eating and sports/exercise though whilst I do CD.

Right best fly as my daughter is due a nap and is driving us up the wall - she always gets a little naughty when she's tired. Will post tomorrow after my porridge....

Here goes!!!!!
Hi Ruth, welcome to the boards and good luck with your start tomorrow. You sound really motivated and with that attitude I'm sure you'll lose your weight really quickly. I also did WW to start with, but I absolutely love CD. Keep us up to date with your progress.:)
Take care!
Welcome Ruth. I'm relatively new to cd but not minis - or, unfortunately, dieting :)

If you go on likyslim.com you will get a ticker. They are easy to set up and when it's done, you paste the link details into your signature.

Good luck with day 1. You have probably list a bit already having cut down on carbs for a few days. It will certainly help with the headaches.

Rosie. X
Hey everyone and thanks for the messages of support, It really means alot!
Well Day 1 is almost over - well the kids are almost in bed so it's almost over in my eyes, lol. God it's hard this cd lark isnt it!! I got up all excited, but had a v v sore throat. Typical! Had a black coffee - rank - and an original porridge for breakie - not quite so rank but odd after taste - am wondering if i didnt put enough water into it perhaps.........................oh dear - must pop off for a sec - 2 year old has just fallen over and is screaming the house down. Will be back.........xxxx
well done on getting through day 1 , take it a day at a time and its soon time for 1st weigh in and then the time flies :)
I used to love the A&C porridge , and found it nicer if I added a sweetner tablet to the water before adding to the porridge , you will soon find some packs you love :)

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