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Does anyone else have a snoring problem? My hubby says that some nights the noise is so unbearable he has to take himself off to the spareroom. The thing is it's not everynight. Please somebody tell me that when I lose weight that the snoring should stop. I am particularly noisy if I've been drinking loads of Diet coke hence the switch to water.
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Hunca my ex husband is 20+ stones and his snoring is unbearable, but whenever he lost weight in the past the problem did get better, so there is hope for you zzzzzzzzzzzzz lol


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Sometimes it can be due to excess weight but it can also be due to nasal problems. If it's really bad try breatheright nasal strips or sometimes lying in a different possition will do the trick


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Hey hun I am exactly the same my other half said when I was at my biggest my snoring was really bad. Even my brother who stays over occasionally who sleeps downstairs on the sofa said he could hear me from downstairs. Apparently it has got better but still bad. I am hoping by the time I get to target it will be a whole lot better if not gone completely.


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S: 18st12lb C: 18st0lb G: 11st2lb BMI: 36.2 Loss: 0st12lb(4.55%)
Heres hoping. I can't say it bothers me I have a great nights sleep lol.


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Snoring is weird, my boyfriend is built like a brick **** house but doesn't make a sound??! I snore if I'm drunk or I have a cold x

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Apparently my snoring is absolutely terrible. If I'm going on holiday and have to share a room with a friend, I always take earplugs for them! My ENT doctor said if I lose the weight it should get a lot better (I suffer from sleep apnoea as well).
Both my husband and I are large and we both snore heaps. It's worse when I have bad allergies and am really snuffly, but my husband is a mental snorer and keeps me awake most nights :(

I hope it'll settle a bit once he's lost some weight.
My housemate regularly wakes me up with his snoring, even though he's in another bedroom on the opposite side of the house!

Apparently sleeping on your side means it's not as bad as it usually occurs when you're lying on your back and the weight of your neck affects the air passage - not saying anyone has particularly big necks, it's just what i saw on TV once!!!
Yes I have to admit I snore really badly. I even sometimes wake myself up! People can hear me all over the house even downstairs. When I go away with my mates they have to draw lots to see who shares with me! I should also mention that I also fart, laugh, cry and talk in my sleep also, I'm such a nice girl!!!

I am not aware that I do any of these things until the following morning!!!!

Having said all that I haven't woken myself up in ages so maybe it has improved but as I sleep by myself it's hard to know!

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