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Snow I need to get back to normal


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Hi all,

Sorry if this is going to sound like a moan, but I've had it now, I am here on a Sunday afternoon, kids playing with a neighbours kid, boyfriend at work, nowt on tv, cos I've been off since Tuesday, all housework done (wow don't think I've ever done that before), I know if I wasn't on LT I would be here with the chocs, but I am really trying to be good, have downed loads of water, 2 black coffees, and can't stop thinking about food, help what am I gonna do?

Dawn x
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try and get yourself motivated........I know what you are saying, but dont let anything be an excuse to eat! No point or you will just undo all the good work so far.

Can you go and try on some of your clothes that are maybe too small for you, or clear them out and look at them and try and picture yourself fitting into them?

Keep on here!!!!!!! Talk, talk, talk,,,,and then try and get the thought of food out of your mind.

I am fed up with the snow too as I think most people are now, but keep thinking ahead.

Are you able to go and have a bath even???? Pamper yourself???? Do your nails, give yourself a pedacure and a manicure and then a facial...anything to keep yourself busy. If not, get a cup of sweet, black coffee or some sparkly water....

The thing is, you need to get your head out of the idea that food is the answer..it aint! You have to keep looking upwards and onwards and not to the what ifs :)

Not sure if I am much help to be honest, but maybe just reading has kept your mind occupied ;-)


I will be skinny again!!!
Im sorry I really dont know what to suggest to motivate you.

Why not try starting a jigsaw?? I may be the only person who loves jigsaws.. but when i start I get lost in it for hours!!

rainbow brite

Jigsaws roxx my soxx :D

Dawnie - try and think of anything that you enjoy that will keep your mind off munching. If you cave now you'll hate yourself for it so keep your chin up, keep strong and sip on that water :) Get yourself lost in a good book or film and before you know it it'll be time for your next shake! :)


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Aww I know what you are saying is right, I am determined this time, and I think my little rant has helped, kids will be home soon, so time will fly before bed, and they are supposed to be back at school tomorrow, and I'll be back at work, and still on track... I hope


rainbow brite

Being back at work helps no end. Suprisingly I haven't struggled this weekend but it's only because I got my new Wii on Friday so the time has just been flying past as I'm playing. Such a big kid :eek: I don't doubt that once the novelty of the console wears off I'll be back to counting the minutes until the next shake on weekends.

You're sounding a bit more positive so keep up that attitude and you'll be flying doll. The good times make the bad times soooo worth it!


Size 14 here i come!
I agree with the above posts, just think how cheesed off you will be going to bed knowing you caved in. The nights are the hardest but they also mean the day is nearly gone. Good luck!


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Hi guys, pleased to say, just had my last shake, and am ready for bed, I know its early but hey, when I'm asleep I'm not thinking of food, and the kids are back at school tomorrow, so I'm back at work, so temptations gone (I hope). I am glad I didn't cave in, I am really determined this time, I have dieted in the past, successfully, but not since I had the kids (8 years ago), and the weight has just crept on as it does, so hence this excellent but very strict diet, and a bucket load of will power!

Anyway, night night all, good luck for tomorrow, and thanks for being there,

Dawn x