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no snow here at the moment (oxfordshire) - keep looking out window for it though!! I love the snow too!!!


Going for Goal!
Wow Tinkerbella - I'm so jealous!!! I too love the snow! I got very excited yesterday, it snowed for about 10 minutes (I'm in Bristol) then stopped! I've had a peek outside and it doesn't look like there has been anymore :(
When I was a kid I remember a few years waking up on Christmas Day to find snow everywhere...it made it more magical somehow! Oh how I miss my innocence!
Hugs x x x
With MrsEssex on this one - hate hate hate it. :cry:Should have been born in the tropics. Well, off to see if my car needs de-iced :wave_cry:

In between Mancs and Liverpool just looks like someone sprinkled a dusting of icing sugar over ground in the night-however not a happy bunny as am desperate for Mr T to come home this afternoon,have been counting down BUT he in London and got bigwig meetings til 1pm,am bricking it that he won't be able to get a train back.x
Well had a wee 20 minute shower this afternoon but thats it. The snow from yesterday is still about though. Scotlands supposed to get it bad this weekend so i say bring it on :D. Btw Elvira had blizzards here yesterday!
Just thought I'd update you all we have some snow when I woke up this morning abut an inch - and it snow on off all morning! Was so excited when I saw the snow out the window - think my 4 year old daughter thought I was mad!! Snow mostly gone now but have been checking forecasts and think we'll have some more on Sunday yeah!!!!
I know I'm old now as I totally hate snow,got Mr T back yippee(bet I won't be saying that when he's been at home a full 2 weeks), but am worried we won't be able to go on our Santa Express trip in Lancashire tomorrow as they have forecast snow up here in the north(best wrap up my ferrets eh!)......grrrrr think I'm gonna do a snow dance to send it away.x
HAHA send it my way MrsT. Youre probably right about being fed up after 2 weeks, tis usually the way it goes. Also does seem like the west will see the worst of it tomorrow. Thats not to say the rest of us wont get any just the west will be worse!


please try again
hate hate hate it!

my roads never gritted and as i live on a bit of a hill i refuse to move the car. its pretty much turned to ice out there and trying to push madams wheelchair is a health hazzard. wheelchair bob sledding anyone?


The Minis Bad Boy
Had about 6 inches on friday morning.thurs night. and another inch or so last night. Had a massive snowball fight at about 11.30pm friday. 7 headshots boom! The oldies (25+) beat the young ones (22-24)


Mistress of the Dark
We've had a light sprinkling here which has turned to sheet ice! I hate the ice as I always fall over!

Went back to Norfolk on Sunday and they have about 8ins! Was awesome!


Back 2 finish my journey
We have about half an inch here in leicester most of it either melted or is now just ice, which i hate.

I love walking on snow that hasn't been walked on and feeling it crunch under your feet not enough here for that yet, fingers crossed we have a white xmas :)


The Minis Bad Boy
Awesome stuff Elvira. Shame Norfolk is a lil flat otherwise you could have had amazing tobogganing. You home now?

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