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Done nothing but rain all day here. Really miserable. At least, at last, my road is free from the ice.



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We've had hardly any snow this winter which seems strange having read everyone else's stories.


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We've just got a few patches left on the lawn. As you can see by my avatar we had 4".
When I left Reading to go to Worcestershire on Boxing Day the side roads here were a lethal mixture of ice and slush. That is all washed away now I am back. It is just grey and wet and dreary, but I can put up with that - at least I can get out without worry about falling over! Someone described our local supermarket car park last week as "a skating rink in a ploughed field"!

I left to come home yesterday just in time, I think. It was raining in the Vale of Evesham, but when I got to the top of Fish Hill near Broadway it was heavy sleet. The rest of the journey wasn't bad, but I heard that later yesterday Fish Hill was very hazardous indeed - if any of you know that road you will know why! It seems to have a climate all of its own.

Keep safe and warm, everyone.