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so angry at myself!

I know that there is huge debate about not talking about food on here..but i am so angry at myself, i went away with my other half for the weekend.. and.. i'll skip the food bit..but i've managed to put on 4lbs!!!!!!:cry:... .. i know.. its my own stupid fault.. i'm just so annoyed at myself..
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We all have bad days but the trick is not to dwell on our mistakes.

Today is the start of a new week, so start afresh and keep looking forwards instead of backwards.

Good luck.
thanks... it just really wasn't worth it.. :(

Purple Hugs

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There's really no point going over what has been.. only what WILL be.. you know now that the gain wasn't worth it, in reality it's likely only fluid from breaking ketosis and will soon be gone, so don't beat yourself up ((hugs)).
do the one thing you know that works.. CD 100% :)

Chin up and look forward to a flurry of a loss when you get back into ketosis :)
thanks Purple Hugs... i am more determined than ever to stick to SS.. i know it works.. and i cant change the weekend..so.. let the new week begin :)


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Hey SCrittenden, I know how you feel, after three weeks I messed up. :cry:

We are not going to dwell on it though, yeah we made mistakes, we are only human but now we can kick on and correct our mistakes.

I wish you lots of luck hun as I know how angry and frustrated you can get with yourself. :D


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I know that there is huge debate about not talking about food on here.
Food has always been allowed to be talked about on this forum and hopefully will remain so. It's the Strictly SS forum that is a no food talk forum. You need membership for that :)

I'm sure that 4lbs will come off quick. Back on the wagon :hug99:
Don't waste your time beating yourself up for what's already done.

As for your weight gain, I've noticed that any time I stop Sole Sourcing and have anything to eat I see a big jump on the scales. I think part of the reason for these big jumps isn't necessarily the food choices that you made, but rather the difference between having almost nothing in your colon and perhaps even being a bit dehydrated, to eating a good meal and having food working its way through your digestive tract.

If you get back on Sole Source, the weight will drop away quickly as the food works its way through.

In my case, I've noticed that even one meal (even if well-planned, portion controlled, and made of good choices) can still put my weight up 2-5 lbs overnight.

Don't beat yourself up over it.
Hey hun, I had a weekend "off" too (well 3 and a bit days actually) and saw 6lbs so I know how you feel! But, rest assured, it will come off as quickly as it went on. It's just water/glycogen and not fat - that's why most ppl have a big loss in their first week - easy off, easy on :D



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coulda woulda shouda. Its past, look onwards and upwards, and it will soon come off. Your doing so well so think about what you have achieved so far, and what you will achieve if you carry on xxx
Just jump right back on the wagon and it will be off in no time! Its not actually that much to put on to be fair... Ive been known to put on half a stone after a weekend binge!

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