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Sorry to rant people but i have to get it off my chest, i am fuming.

Just had a huge argument with my brother, like massive argument so much so i have told him i never ever want to talk to him again (it has never reached that point before, and i don't throw words around loosley). He has always looked down on me, always judged me. I was always the butt of his jokes for my whole life. I give give give to him all the time. Any time he needs anything i'm there in a shot, i call him, i text him, i visit, i buy him presents from when i travel with work, i have always generally been a good sister to him...i even set him up with my best friend who is now his fiance and because of that i hardly ever see her anymore and our friendship dwindled but i figured he's happy so i never complained about losing my friend. All for what? Him to criticise constantly, never return my calls or texts unless he wants something.

Well this has blown up massively and i don't know how to deal with it, it's my mum i'm worried about as she'll feel stuck in the middle and it's not fair on her.

Sorry for the rant i'm just so mad, and can't stop crying and normally this is when i would jack it all in and eat, or smoke or both.xx
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Aw sorry your feeling crappy hun, men can be such hard work cant they?

Try not to upset yourself he probably didn't mean half the things that were said. :patback: x


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Hiya airgirl, rows are terrible, so sorry to hear your upset.

Stay strong, don't let the arguement get worse by giving in and eating, it'll make you feel worse in the long run.

throw something, turn up the stereo and shout along to your favourite song, get that anger out of ya..

good luck, sorry i don't have better advice :eek:


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My sister used to walk down to the bottom of the garden and let out a huge scream apparently. That was when her daughters were small and were playing up.

Don't cave into the stress, you'll feel worse. Stay strong. I hope you feel better soon.



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Awww sweetie, men are from a different planet one with no comunication!!
I'm sure he'll be feeling as shitty as you are!
Don't give up or turn to fags, you're better than that!
Stay on here & some one with loads of wisdom will be along any minute to help you through.
Be strong xxx
I know exactly how you feel hun. When my brother had his first child my hubby, my daughter and me drove all the way up to Aberdeen to see them (I live in Portsmouth so it's a long long way). We only went for the weekend so it was a lot of effort for not much time but it's my brother and I'd do anything for him.
When we were there we ordered pizza and he insisted that we payed an extra £2.50 towards it because we ordered garlic bread...ummm we just spent over £70 on petrol and will have to pay the same to get home and £100 for a hotel but he is making a fuss over £2.50!!!!!:eek:
I let it slide and didn't kick up a fuss about it just to keep the peace but later that evening he decided to tell me that he was glad that his family lived so far away because we are a pain in the arse!!!!!
He's since had another child (now 18 months old) who I haven't even seen yet because I resent paying that much to go and see someone who obviously doesn't want me to be there.
Be stronge hun and don't turn to the food or drink you'll just feel worse afterwards.


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aww babes. you poor thing. you are doing so well and i'm sure you won't give up on cd. i really hope that things get sorted out soon and you vent all the anger you like on here hon...

abz xx


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Thanks everyone...am feeling a bit calmer now. Family eh. I have resisted the temptation to eat but i have had had a cigarette lol!
Thanks for all your lovely comments...not sure what i ever did before this forum!! Kelly, sorry to hear about your brother too..whats that saying, you can pick your friends but not your family.xx
OH I can so relate to those stories but fortunately my brother lives in Australia so I don't have to tolerate him too often.

The biggest problem is our parents as tbh we can emotionally seperate ourselves from the pain in the ass relatives but when you have a Mother or Father constantly asking after your brother it's hard.

Maybe it's time for your Mother to recognise that her son your brother has a lot of faults and maybe having a word with him.

Other than that just keep your contact as short as poss and keep your cool.

More dignified than a kick to the nuts:eek:
Thanks Penny, seems very petty in comparison to your what your going through...but the important thing is we didn't give in.x

Suzanne my mum knows full well what he is like, sadly he knows that if she falls out with him he'll just stop visiting her, everybody treads on eggshells with him cos they don't wanna put him in a mood as he's stubborn and will just vanish...even though he lives 2doors away!! Thanks for your reply though, nice to know it's not just my brother.x


please try again
familys who needs em huh. well done for resisting, you'll feel much better for doing so

i barley tolerate my older sister, after i had my wee girl at 25 weeks, she was in the nicu and i was kept in cos i was ill, my sis flew with my mum ( who has alzhimers ) and only booked my mum a one way ticket expecting me to care for her.

then when my wee girl was 1, she was home but very ill my sis sent my mum for a 2 week holiday to me and refused to allow me to bring her home for 10 weeks, i was doing full time care for 2. wouldnt mind taking my mum to give her a break but my mum has carers in everyday, my sister hardly ever sees her


Only a few more pounds...
He's your bro, he always will be, family is family at the end of the day- it'll get better I'm sure. Just let it pass and he'll soon come round. In the meantime though you may not feel like it, pamper yourself. Do your nails, watch a chick flick, anything to take your mind off it. I hope you feel better soon! By the way, which airline do you work for if you don't mind me asking...


Hi Airgirl,

I've been there, had a MASSIVE row (well she attacked me!) with my sister about 2 years ago, she said the most awful things and I was devistated.

I have always been forgiving and I realised that was part of the problem, she thought she could do and say anything and it would be forgotton and forgiven.

I also realised that she has many issues including jelousy and projects her issues onto others. Once I realised that she was the one with the problems and that I hadn't done anything to provoke her....I was able to move on.

We don't talk. I will say hello and goodbye and the anger and upset has gone.

At the end of the day she is my sister and I love her, but I have made it clear....I don't like her!

Wow, thanks for all sharing your stories..i guess in the grand scheme of things he hasn't done so much wrong, like a physical attack..thats awful. I know he's my brother and i will have to get over it as our family is actually very close and i hate my mum and dad thinking we're arguing as i know it upsets them..they always say when their gone we'll only really have each other and they worry about that! But reading your posts has cleared things up a bit in my head i guess, so thankyou. Like you said pretty, he knows i put up with it all the time, he never makes the first move to come to me, apoligise or even text and because i have let him get away with it for 28yrs i guess it's partly my fault for not taking a real stand sooner.
I think also the problem is i have always strived for his affection and wanted him to be proud of me as his younger sister but instead i was always the failure where he was always the fit one, good at school, great at sports, great at everything (apart from communicating, lol). Anyway thanks for letting me get it all off my chest, it's nice to have a rant with people who don't say 'oh that's just what he's like'. Because for once that excuse everyone makes for him just doens't wash with me anymore......blah blah blah i'm rambling. Thanks everyone.xxxx

Oh and i work for Virgin Atlantic m851(sorry forgot the other numbers)xxxx


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glad you are feeling a bit better about things hon. nobody gets to treat you badly and make you feel crappy, regardless of who they are. i hope you get it sorted soon :)

abz xx
I used to fly as Purser for BA, airgirl :)
Maybe I've passed you at Gatwick. Although I stopped flying summer 2002 when I fell pregnant and never went back!

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