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So annoyed at myself!!!

Gah so annoying! So i am 100% Wed and Thurs and i think OoOoOo this aint to bad i am doing great!! I cancelled a meal with my friends Friday night because i didnt want to deal with it being the first week and all. Then my aunt comes up form liverpool to visit me and my brother and see my Nans grave and took us out for a meal as she wont see us over christmas!! I couldnt get out of that one and well...... the diet went out the window!!!! ON WEEK ONE!! So annoyed with myself but i am trying not to let it get me down to much and i am right back on it today! :cry:
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Awww bless ya....

Your doing the right thing, just jump straight back on and u'll be fine

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Hello well done for starting again.. :) it happens so don't worry to much honestly.


i will be a yummy mummy
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been there done that...dont beat yrself up about it your mind in the right place as you started straight back.just put it behind you now and focus ahead dont dwell on the meal..good luck :) x
Best of luck hun, I have to admit little things like. "family meals" are worrying me slightly too, ESP as I've decided not to tell anyone ( yet) hopefully with the support from all the lovely ppl on here we can crack this too! I have a lot to loose :-( put on around 10 stone in ten years!! Most of which was from my pregnancies but still disappointed with myself :-( so 2012 hopefully will be a good year with lots of weight loss...followed by lots of clothes shopping! Lol good luck hun xxx
Susie i have also about the same to lose... god i don't even like to admit it!! I also have not told anyone i am on the diet apart from my bf who i live with! I am just not going to attend nights out or meals for a good few months until i am well on my way to losing the weight! Yes 2012 will be they year we lose this weight once and for all and feel great about ourselves! just think this time next year we will be feeling fantastic about ourselves :D xxxx


i will be a yummy mummy
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i know its hard this is what made me fall off it a few years back i attended a night out with the girls i said to myself its only 1 night!! big mistake i couldnt get back on it i was off and on for about a week but i am determined now more than ever so i have decided i am going to say no to any events and just say i cant sorry i working and for my works do i have already said i cant go as got noone to have my kids i do feel i am shutting myself away as i do like a good night out but this is why i am in the position i am in and it will be worth it in the end when i look and feel the way i want to..if you do have to go for a meal just say its one meal and go for healthiest option and then as long as you can be mindset and think the next morning right thats it back on cd and you are strong enough to do that thats fine..we are here for one another so the support is right here!! xx
Aw thanks hun! You have done amazing so far just by not being tempted by them nights out, just think we can have all the nights out we want this time next year we will be the ones in the tiny little santa dresses haha... or will that just be me hehe! I am now on day 2 and feeling pretty good about myself to be honest! I might even take a walk by the river next to my house today with my dog, i live in the country side so there are a lot of nice walks etc and its very secluded so no one can see me puffing and panting haha :)


i will be a yummy mummy
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lol that sounds like me too, yes exactly i just had my last meal and do you know i didnt even want it i am so excited to start tomorrow i am working all week so i am keeping busy too ..cant wait :)
glad u feel gd its so worth it i hope i will be saying that on day 2 when the emotions kick in :) xx
Gah Andreas my bf just ate some Lasagna and omg its filled out house and smells soooo nice!!! I moved to another room while he ate it and i am now back in livingroom having my soup lol i have only mamaged 1lr of water so far today so i am going to try drink another lr before bed!


i will be a yummy mummy
S: 15st7.0lb C: 15st7.0lb G: 10st5.0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
lol aww gd on you tho for changing rooms..see just goes to show yr dedication...it is hard tho especially when we love food :)
aww water is the key you got to have is it 2lts / 8 glasses a day? i tend to use a 500ml bottle and keep refilling it that way i know how much i have had x
Urm i have no idea, i have a 1lr bottle and a 2 lr bottle and i am going to try drink them a day! Keeping them topped up and chilling in the fridge. I love Next clothing cant wait till i can shop in there. My fave purfume EVER is Next define! i love the stuff!! only £12 bargin haha! xx


i will be a yummy mummy
S: 15st7.0lb C: 15st7.0lb G: 10st5.0lb BMI: 35 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
i know i get discount too and its lethal i spend more than i earn in a month! lol i only part time too.(12hrs) lol
yeah thats how i feel i work with alot of young girls and i just feel i could look as good if not better than some its just the size i am now but hey thats all going to change!.
yes that is nice perfume :) x


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New week fresh start you can do it :)


not giving up
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In the words of my CDC girls this is the "headwrecker diet", it's not hunger it's your head that is the biggest battle. You can do this stay strong keep yourself so busy you wont think about it and keep drinking the water. My first week was awful but it does get easier I promise xx
Thank Rolly!

Hahaha yes that feels so true to me right now, this IS the head wrecker diet haha! Last night was hard and i felt like there was a battle going on in my head lol but i am past it now and on Day 4 so i am feeling fantastic to get this far! WI is tomorrow night so i am REALLY excited,, i hope for a 3lb loss :) xxx

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