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So annoyed with myself (food mentioned)

Argh! I have absolutely no will power or commitment to anything!!!! I did my first week on CD really well, I stuck to it 100%, had 3 ltrs or water a day, lost 11lb. I was really happy and felt good about myself and proud. Then it all went wrong when I had a bad day on Monday and ordered a chicken curry and chips from my chinese for tea. I just kept telling myself that it wouldn't make much difference as I'd had so few calories I'd be sure to lose more weight. The next morning I woke up horrified with myself, weighed myself and realised I'd lost 1lb since Saturday. So I figured my reasoning had been right, but decided to ignore it and stick to CD 100% again. Then Tuesday evening I had another bad day, felt like i DESERVED a pizza, a pizza for heavens sake!!!! So I ordered one from pizza hut and ate the whole bloody thing. I didn't even feel guilty, and when I weighed myself yesterday morning I had STS so I was really happy. But still, told myself I was going to stick to CD. Then yesterday on the way home I got a text message from a friend asking if I wanted to go for lunch on Friday. I haven't seen her for months so I told myself 'well I'll just have 1 normal meal a day then' and went to Sainsbury's and bought the stuff to make Tacos, enough for 2 evening meals. I had that last night and left the rest in the fridge to have today. This morning I weighed myself and I've put on 3lb :( :( :( I knew it would happen eventually. I am out all day today, so going to stick to CD (had breakfast and got lunch in bag) but I know it will be hard when I get home. And I just can't stick to anything!!! I am the worst dieter ever. I really, really need more willpower :(

Sorry I had to confess to someone as everyone who knows I'm on this diet keeps telling me how well I'm doing and how proud they are, so I don't feel like I can admit I've failed! But I WI on Sunday and if I haven't lost anything I will disappoint everyone, myself included. If I stick to the diet 100% between now and then can I lose????
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None of us are perfect... although one thing I will say is that you didn't pick the best things to be naughty with...

If you miss eating or is it just the need to have something that you shouldn't have ?

The motivation to be good for me is that for everything I put in my mouth means at least another 3/4 days on CD...

But having said that, maybe you need to move up the plans so that you are having some food, but very lean protein and not the carb laden pizza feast...

I know that this plan is hard... but it does work... we all know that, but as I have said before we are not all angels, I'm not anyway... and we will fall off the wagon... but what makes us all different is how determined we are to get back on ..

Hope that this helps



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Ok, you've had a blip...you recognise it, now it's time to move on a forget about it. This is a brand new day. Only you can do this.
It sounds like you realised you had 'got away' with the first 2 blips and that gave you permission to do it a third time. Unluckily you came unstuck and gained weight.
Just take one day at a time...soon you will be in ketosis and all this will be a distant memory.


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Qwetypi, just want to send you a big hug and tell you I understand. :hug99:
I haven't found a solution, but I could have written your message.

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