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So annoyed with myself :-(


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:cry: Just need to moan, sorry! I was really focused and sticking to plan and since my birthday i seem to have lost the plot :cry: been useless pretty much all of the last 2 weeks and as a result i've put on 5 lbs in 2 weeks :cry: I was so close to my stone and now i'm a million miles away!

How do people stay focused when they waver?

I'm back on it as i feel so cross and disgusted with myself :cry:

Helen xx
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I'm not sure but if you find out let me know.

I've been off plan slightly this week. Mostly on it but slipped up a few times with synage. I think it's because I've lost enuff for clothes to be loose so my incentive has dwindled. I feel thinner, I look a little thinner so my motivation has waned!

If you can put it behind you and focus, i'm sure I can too.


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Wow I just posted a more long winded moany version of this thread :-( I feel ur disappointment maybe we can both draw the line now n brush ourselves off n start afresh! I'm gonna use lent starting tomorrow as a mini target


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Dont be so hard on yourself, we all have bad weeks, and when we have indulged for a special occasion it is so hard to then focus again. I struggled at Christmas as in the space of 1 week it is Christmas, my birthday and new year and i managed to put on 9 lbs. Only just back on track a week or so ago. You say you are now back on track, put the past few weeks behind you and look forward, you have done so well. Good luck this week x :grouphugg:


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Thanks all. My boyfriend keeps saying that i will find it harder as i have less to lose now (I've lost just over 2 stone about a year and a half ago) and have kept that off, but this last stone and a half keeps coming off a bit and going back on even quicker :cry: I can be REALLY good and have a very little loss at weigh in, then just a tiny bit naughty and have a massive gain :cry:

I just want to cry. I dont want to feel like i have to breath in every time i walk into a room :cry: I dont want to wear black all the time just because it hides by belly a bit better :cry: I dont want to have massive legs that i daren't bare in shorts in the summer :cry:

If only will power was something we could keep easily all the time hey! Sorry just feeling very down about my weight at the moment.

Helen xx
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Ah Helen,
don't dwell on it, the negatives will only drag you down and make you feel more despondent which usually results in the wavering off plan! Think positive. Forget about the past few weeks and focus on the weight that you have lost and that you can do it. Give yourself a mini target to stick to each week and put the stone target right out of your head. If you break it down into manageable chunks you won't lose heart or get disappointed. I've set myself a target of 2lbs a week (I am currently 6 stone overweight but have my first target as 1st 10lbs more to lose. Have lost 2st 9lbs already). I think 2lbs a week at the moment is achievable and I don't get disappointed, I also try not to let any stay the same weeks get me down and focus on overall loss. Three weeks ago I lost 3lbs,the week after I gained 2 1/2lbs, last week I stayed the same. This week however I lost 4lbs so sometimes you hit a stale patch and it takes a few weeks to get going again.I am seeing my family again in 7 weeks so my target of 2lbs a week mean I will have lost another stone when I see them and that's what keeps me focussed. Set yourself a realistic weekly loss and work out when you'll get to goal and then imagine you on that date at your target weight and keep reminding yourself all it takes it tiny steps.

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