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Discussion in 'Cambridge Weight Plan' started by November bride, 3 June 2008 Social URL.

  1. November bride

    November bride Full Member


    Evening, would have been on here sooner to confess but I have been so busy today.

    Well I gave in to temptation last night even tho came on here and talked myself out of it, and even tried on my bikini to help me resist. And got replies of encouragement from you guys. THANK YOU XX

    I was down to 9st 12 yestrday as well. Only 16lb to go!!!

    Yep u guessed it i ate last night, chilli and potato and some choc. would have eaten chick and salad if i had it, and i had the choc cos i knew had already ruined it!!:cry:

    The scales said 10 stone this am :cry: . And I have picked up where i left off and have been back on ss today with 6L of water. Postive all the way, I did 10 1/2 days i can carry on!!! Roll on Ketosis!! Hope its 3 days again?? and get off at least a 1lb or 2???

    Got 2nd weigh in sat, even if it says the same, my blip has given me the strength to go on. I know i will be able to eat again very soon.

    Hope your all well tonight xx
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  3. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    You'll be absolutely fine, Good luck for your weigh in! XX
  4. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Thanks so much Camilla, i do hope so. Keep u posted xx
  5. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    I get weighed on Saturday too, so I'll expect a PM! XX
  6. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Deffo, is that your first weigh in. You on ss? hows it going? xx
  7. mommysue

    mommysue Silver Member

    i have failed again ,. ive only been on 4 days ...... back to my terrible ways, serial failure !!!
  8. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Come on mommysue we have both had a blip lets get back to it together. You have 14lb to go thats not much at all, and think like i now am. When thats gone u can reward urself and eat and have all you want and then be sensible again. Thats my plan, food dont go away, will enjoy it more when were at the weight we wanna be xx
  9. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    This isnt an excuse but i know why i ate now, totm arrived today and wasnt meant to!!! :O(

    Anyway was fine yesterday and back down a lb this am and back into ketosis. WOO HOO glug glug 6 l again xx
  10. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Hi Novemberbride,

    This will be my 14th weigh in!!! I've lost 3.5 stone with 38lbs to go!!!

    You must let me know how you do on Saturday!

  11. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Thats amazing, well done you x Almost there, must be such a good feeling.

    Will do, i cant wait to see what it is now i know it has gone down today and back in ketosis xxx
  12. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    FAO Camilla

    Hi, How u get on?

    I stayed the same weight, but am happy as I ended up eating again, was a really bad week. Had stress with wedding plans, TOTM really bad and make it to the gym either. So another week to get to target where can AAM. So hard at it this week, just gone and got a new work out plan at gym and back motivated like the first 10 days with no blips. So will keep you posted how 3rd WI goes. Have good weekend xx
  13. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Hey Camilla,

    How u? I managed another 7lb loss, so a stone in 3 weeks. im over the moon after staying same last week. just a stone to go now!! woo hoo xx
  14. sonban

    sonban Addicted to Minimins

    Hey sweety it happens we all do it at one time or another. Good luck with weigh in.:)
  15. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Thanks Soban. 7lb loss today feels fantastic and the sun is shining. 14lbs to go and i can see the end result and i cant stop smiling x
  16. Camilla

    Camilla Silver Member

    Great to hear from you November Bride!!! I was wondering how are you?!
    Wow, that's a huge amount of weight to lose in week! VERY well done!
    Last week I lost 4lbs, but my CDC husband is in hospital so my weigh in has been postponed until the middle of the week!

  17. Hedgehog

    Hedgehog Gold Member

    with a bmi of below 25 you should be on a minimum of plan 810 and having a meal each now.
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  19. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Hi Yes now on 810 as lost 7lb this week and bmi 24. last week was still bmi over 25 x
  20. November bride

    November bride Full Member

    Thats great well done you Camilla. Yeah so pleased with that esp as stayed same last week, so evened out really xxx
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