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so ashamed :-(


Personal Trainer
I really feel ashamed of myself...i have been out of control ALL weekend!!!:break_diet:

Had a bad start to the week with the junk food :cry:and its carried on!!!

And you know what, i have been eatin for the sake of it :sigh:....really binging!!!! My DH went away tonight, so we have had a weekend of takeaways/beer/sunday dinners with puddin etc :wave_cry:

My weight has rocketed to 12st 2 :cry:


I have promised myself a detox from tomorrow, so i am hoping the weight comes off as quickly as it went on :booboo:

oooooooooooooooooooooops :giveup:
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i too have been bingeing, but starting to realise that just because i binge on something in the morning does not give me an excuse to continue bingeing for the rest of the day lol, which is a big habit of mines.

i have had a week long binge, not good, have put on a lot of weight, just started afresh today, and have behavied lol. weigh in tomorrow . not gonna be good


Personal Trainer
weighing in this week, my goal is for september as a month, so will do it next week....maybe :innocent0001:
oh so u weigh monthly? i never thought of that, good luck, i think i will give myself one more week to try and lose after tomorrows weigh in. if i still have not lost i might start doin it monthly or fortnightly.
I have some clients who weigh weekly - but I don't tell them their weight until either they've reached a certain target - or only once a month. Some don't even want to know if they've lost, gained, STS. As long as you don't use it as an excuse to go mad it can work really well as all you know is that your clothes are getting looser!
I tried giving up the scales for a while but for me weekly weigh ins are helpful, if I loose a pound then im doing things right but if I stay the same weight then I try harder, when I gained I usually know why.


Licks the lid of life!

Don't beat yourself up babe, we've all been there and lost track for a few days, so you had a naughty weekend? Sod it! Sometimes you need to dip your toe in the water to test yourself and you done it, you feel horrible so that'll spur you on to reach your goal for the end of the month!

Chin up hun, youre great, so feel great!xxxx


Licks the lid of life!
thanks everyone...i am feeling sooooooooo much better this week....

and being good too :D
That's great to hear!
We're like Yallow Pages, we're not just here for the nasty things in life! LOL

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