So Close to Quitting.... Pls help

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  1. Laurenpedro

    Laurenpedro Member

    Hi - I'm on Day 10 of SS but today I'm finding it soooo hard. I really really want to eat. I haven't broken it at all - the only difference today is that I had a bar for the first time. Do you think that would make a difference (I'm wondering if the chewing action reminded me of food). Finding it soooo hard right now - trying to take as much water as possible but the urge is still really strong. Any words of motivation welcome pleeeaasssse. Many thanks
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  3. MadamDotty

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    Hang on in there,it'll be worth it. How much did you lose last week? How much are you hoping to lose this week, cos eating will throw that out of the window. Write down all the reasons why you are doing this diet, and all the things you want to achieve when you're slim, keep busy, keep posting and reading posts on Minimins and yes, keep drinking ;) .

    It could have been the bar that has set you off, I found having the bars helped me because it was something finally to chew, but everyone's different and you have to find what suits you.

    This diet does get easier and most people settle into by week 3, hang on, grit your teeth & stay focussed - you'll be so glad you did :)
  4. sonkie

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    As MD said do hang on, have you tried drinking hot water or black tea/coffee, this always works for me.
  5. Rallya

    Rallya Full Member

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    Ive been doing this diet for 8 months now and lost 8 stone, today I feel sick as I have had a major blow out (see previous post :( )

    Anyway, I had to give up the bars as they just made me want to eat normal food, as you say i think it was because of the chewing but also because of the chocolate etc. After I stopped eating them and just use the shakes I find it better/easier to stick to CD (well apart from today which was a bad day for me).

    Please dont think of giving up yet, I found the first 3 weeks or so difficult but it gets so much easier after that. Just give up the bars and keep on drinking your shakes/soups/water and see how you go.

    Good luck!
  6. htpink

    htpink CDC

    I WILL pass and it IS worth it - hang on and if the worse comes to the worse have an extra pack (if more water, tea and coffee doesn't work) - the day is nearly over!
  7. Laurenpedro

    Laurenpedro Member

    Thanks a million guys. I really appreciate your replies. Feeling a bit better now. I'm browsing this site and reading about how many people have done it for longer and lost so much - I'm such a wimp in comparison. Another litre of water down and I'm going to head to bed and hopefully sleep it off.

    Rallya - you're blow out was a once off. A good way of looking at it is at least you know how bad you feel and that might be an incentive when you get the urge again. Don't beat yourself up - you have done fantastic. Thanks so much for your support and best of luck to you.
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  8. hollycat

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    Please stick at it, it is just a passing phase. I wish I had not succumbed when I was on SS first time round, I am now struggling to restart (for the upteen time!)
  9. Em_Butterfly

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    I had some really hard times in my first couple of weeks, sometimes I could have literally killed for food hehe! I hung in there though and I'm finding it so much easier now, the cravings with eventually die down hun :) hang in there! x
  10. Heaven can wait

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    Yes , it does get easier and you will soon be flying , please dont give up! Keep busy and drink lots you are honestly nearly through the worst!
  11. Fuzzys Angel

    Fuzzys Angel The Lovely James Hetfield

    The early days of this diet are the hardest, hang in there hun you'll be
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