So close...yet so far! Another 1 stone 1lb to go!


Gurgly tummy!
S: 15st5.8lb C: 14st6.2lb G: 10st3lb BMI: 32.1 Loss: 0st13.6lb(6.3%)
I started on October 10. I've lost 44lbs on CD so far and lost 13 from Jan '10 - Oct '10. I've come so so far...

I have another 15lbs to go until I get to my goal of 10st 3lbs.

I have another 2/3 lbs to get to a 'normal' weight...

It's getting harder because of my stubborn resistence to exercise. I have yet to do 3 consecutive days of exercise. I know I need it to firm at this stage but I just am SO LAZY.

I can diet until the cows come home but exercise? I hate it. I kind of thought maybe I'd try a 5k in my town in October 2011 and I'd say it'd take me that long to actually learn to run/jog.

So, someone come along and kick my ass, tell me how to get myself motivated. I'm even considering getting hypnotised to make me exercise.

I'm at a loss! At a nice size 12, people are raving about how good I look, it's hard to keep focused and move to the next step of exercise.

I am so GRRRR at my lazy self.
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