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So confused - please help! :)


Happiest Girl :D
I think with spinach a handful raw equates to a tbs when cooked. I'm not 100% though.

In the book it says 'all values are for uncooked weight' or something along those lines in small letters near the bottom of the SS+ page.


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its 2 tbs (15ml/15g) tablespoons in the book - so you can always weigh it. But if you think about the "spirit of what is meant" rather than interpreting it to have the most you can have you will find it easier to make the choice that is the better choice for you and your weight loss - yes you could take 2 tbspn of raw spinach and then have masses of it or you could just take a sensible handful and do that - its about making the choice that will support and aid your diet, not making the choice that gets you the most. Yes its only spinach but thanks to this bash on CD I am realising that what always went wrong for me in the past is that I would find every loophole/interpretation/it doesn't say I can't so I can, to "cheat" the diet rather than embracing it and working with it.

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