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So confused! :(


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I am so confused over my weight.

It's not my loss that I am confused about I been using some really old scales at home, but weighing myself in on them so my weightloss is consistant and in 4 weeks I have lost 12lb (3lb this week!)

The problem is my scales are so old I decided to weigh myself in boots and it says my weight was 15st8, where as my home scales said 15st3

Anyhow I went out and bought some new scales today, the WW electronic kind because counting the lbs bit on my old ones was so hard by myself.
I get them home and jump on and it tells me 15st10!!

I am so confused what my actual weight is now. I'm going to have to go by my new WW scales at 15.10 but that makes me even heavier than I thought, when I got on my old scales and weighed 15.3 this morning I was elated.. now I just feel like poo

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Awh hun

Big hugs, If that was me, id be very p****d off!...

The only thing you can probs do is go by your new WW Scales and say you weighed more then you actually did :jelous:

as you have obv still lost 3lbs this week!

Hi boots scales did that to me made me 10lbs heavier when I did lighterlife 4 years ago I was deveststed went to my meeting snd home and boots scales were wrong compared to others, I'm sceptical as I think boots are a business scales are in they're weightloss products ! I've never weighed there again, also if we weigh at home first thing naked we can be much lighter.
I know your sad but you still lost the 12lbs so far and 3lbs this week, I'd go by your new scales.
Well done fir doing so well xx


Right to the 'point'
I had this issue a while back too!

We had these old scales in the house and it turns out they were just completely duffed and showing my lighter than I was. How much so I don't know.

I have the WW electronic ones now too and feel they are the best to go with. I agree about making sure the scales are the consistent factor. I'm borderline OCD about WI, same time, same day of the week wearing the same stuff every week. If I chopped and changed scales I reckon my head would explode! :)


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Thank you for the replies. I am just going to stick to my lovely new WW ones from now on, (they were only a tenner as well..!!)

Boots also measured me at 5"3.. I've shrunk an inch according to them! Haha
I have never found two scales that read the same haha!! best to just stick to your new ones!! and well doen on another 3lb loss :D
Just to add to what Starlight said about making sure you use the same scales every week, it may be an idea to use the same spot on the floor also and weigh in the same clothes and same time.

I find all these factors contribute to the scales saying a different weight, i once moved mine around the house and in some places i gained 5lbs in others i lost about 3! ha :)

Good Luck oh and also agree with Puggso i have the WW ones too and are very good! tell you 1/4 of a lbs also :)

Miss Mango

Little Miss Wii Fit!
Aw I know how this feels hun, I made a miscalculation myself and thought I weighed about 4lbs less than I did, was gutted when I found out but I've since lost that but am now still at the weight that I THOUGHT I was before I realised my error so I feel like I've lost nothing in the last few weeks. :(
But all I can say is just make this get you more determined to get down to what you THOUGHT you were - if you get what I mean, don't let that extra few pounds you've found out about beat you - just get rid of the little blighters as fast as you can. Its so frustrating but you've still lost weight in the long run and thats better than nothing.

Please keep us up to date with what you've lost as going by your new scales - can't wait to hear that you've lost those lbs again. I find that weighing myself naked helps too, clothes can add on a bit more.

Its weird but I weigh myself before and after my workout and the difference can be between 1 and 3 lbs. Its mad!
Thank you for the replies. I am just going to stick to my lovely new WW ones from now on, (they were only a tenner as well..!!)

Boots also measured me at 5"3.. I've shrunk an inch according to them! Haha
Hi, I also brought the WW scales and they are brilliant, and give me the same result as WI scales @WW class (plus or minus quarter of a pound - the weigh-in scales are accurate to half a pound). And it doesn't matter how many times I get off and on them - they say the same, unlike my other old scales!

I also got weighed and measured at boots when staying with my partner during the summer. The weight was fairly accurate but it said I'd lost and inch in height. The following week I'd lost a pound and gained an inch! Go figure!

sarah xx

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