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ProPoints So disappointed :-(

Have had a bad bad few weeks recently and last week didn't weigh in as new I was about 6lb heavier than goal so decided I'd do it properly this week but am now 7lb over goal

Not fair and not sure can cope

Typical day

30g porridge with water n sweetener 3pp
2 apples

2 apples

3 x WW bread 3pp
WW tuna in coronation sauce 2pp
Muller light 2pp
2 apples

Approx 13pp or less

May have another apple and occasionally couple of rice crackers in the day

I also drink at least 2 litres diet coke a day :-S addicted unfortunately

Am I eying wrong?
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Please don't take this the wrong way but, 2 litres of Dier Coke a day is probably your hindrance. Other things: Do you drink much water? Do you eat mostly the same thing every day single day? Do you only eat apples for your fruit and vegetables? These are all things to think about. Changing one or more of those things might be the boost you need to get you to goal. Oh and one more thing- PP is based on mass. So 3 slices would be 4PP. If you have one or more slice you need to double or triple or quadruple, ect. the protein, carbs, fat and fibre and work out the points that way. I really hope this helps! :)

I think the same as salmagundi, you need to vary your diet and you need to eat a widder range of fruit and veg. Also the amount of fruit you eat are still calories so it will add up. Make sure you weigh everything and pp everything precisely. I also would try having water or dilluted squash sugar free in it. That should help alot. hope this helps


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I agree, vary your meals a bit :) I had a frustrating time on discovery when I did that a while back -I was having the same thing day in, day out and would gain, STS and lose the same 2lb for a couple of months.

I know PP gives you "unlimited fruit" but I try to keep my intake to 3-4 pieces a day. Generally I'll eat one apple, two satsumas, a bit of pineapple and/or some grapes, and some veg on top of that amount too.

Bear in mind that an apple is between 50-80 cals, so 7 per day could amount to around another 500 calories. (I know they're considered 'negative calories' but still.. it's calorific content).

Good luck, hope that this blip doesn't throw you off the wagon - remember all the reasons you chose the plan in the first place, it's not about depriving yourself but making informed choices for a healthy, manageable lifestyle xx

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