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So dissapointed :(

I have had my weekly weigh in today (am doing ww at home so weighed myself) and although I have stuck to ww religously and have exercised 6 times, I have only lost 1/2 lb. :sigh:
I know it takes time but whenever I have done ww in the past I have always had a good weightloss, sometimes 7lbs, in the first week so don't know what has gone wrong?! :(
This is making staying on track harder but know I will have to stick with it and hope that I will see a better loss next week.
I am now really worried that I have completely mucked up my body from keep starting and stopping CD!
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:hug99::hug99::hug99: Dont look at it as just 1/2lb. that is 1/2lb less for you to loose. i know how you feel as i was disappointed to have lost 2 1/2lbs in the first week. i was waiting for something bigger. but as long as you keep on going i am sure that it will get better. i am wondering if the more diets you do the slower the loss?
Tara's right, a loss is a loss. My WW leader explained something interesting to me, which is there are fewer things to 'give up' in the first week of a new diet if you've been dieting before and thus you don't get the quick weight losses you may have had in the past.

Also, is this the first week you have been exercising? People who exercise regularly have about one pint more blood circulating in their system than those who don't. Loads of people seem to find they don't lose much the first week they start exercising and I wonder if it's because they are developing this extra pint. Just my own theory of course.

Keep at it and I'm sure next week will be better.
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Sorry you feel disheartened with your 1/2lb weightloss, but you need to remember thats 1/2lb closer to your goal than you were last week, a loss is a loss at the end of the day.

Why don't you go and weight something to the tune of 1/2lb and then hold it in your hands, you will be surprised at how heavy it feels, then remember you got rid of that from you body in the last week.

If you lose 1/2lb every week for 1 year thats virtually 2 stone!!

I say WELL DONE on your weight loss and keep up the good work.
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well done on your loss for this week and try and not get disheartened, easier said than done i know but at the end of the day is a half a pound closer to your goal than not. Look on the bright side of it and who knows ya could lose more next week. Keep up with it and dont lose track on why ya are doing it in the first place. Take care
Thanks everyone.
Luckily I think I am in the 'zone' so have stuck with it. I know a loss is a loss but would've liked more.
Been off CD for a couple of weeks so it could be that, and bought a Wii fit last week and was using that so could be the exercise thing aswell.
I am still motivated so will have to just start looking at it as a loss!
Thanks again for all your support. X
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if you're on Wii Fit then you might be surprised at the amount of muscle you're building - correct me if I'm wrong but isnt muscle 4x the weight of fat? So really 1/2lb is really good, and you should take your measurements because you've probably lost inches even though the scales aren't showing too much weight loss :)

well done for sticking with it too - worst thing you can do is come off it when you get disheartened because its so difficult to get back on again! so give yourself a pat on the back, and i wish you lots of luck for next week, even though I'm sure you wont need it and the pounds will be falling off :) x

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