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SO embarassed to go to wi tonite!


Yummy Mummy! xx
Ive been away for the week and according to my scales I have gained 5lbs. This is fine, I was hardly expecting a loss with what Ive eaten and I had a fnatastic time but Im really embarrased to go and get weighed tonite and stay afterwards for everyone to know. Anyone else get like this with a gain?
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I feel the same, but it's best to go and the support you'll get from group will get you back on track and you'll soon lose that 5lb.
Best of luck and lets us know how you get on.
It can be embaressing when you gain such an amount. i gained 6.5lbs at christmas week, got it off and gained 5lbs over my birthday week.. but you have to remember its only embaressing for you, no one else is judging you, and if there is, then they'l have a shock when it happens to them because it really does happen to everyone.. The best shot you'v got at getting back on track, is getting weighed, facing the music and staying to here all that helpful information your C will give you to get back on track.. sometimes just hearing stuff you already know can give you a fresh perspective to start your new week 100%



Wishing and hoping!
I would go face it (otherwise you may slip down a slop) just tell them the situation, they are a SUPPORT group and their for your benefit. I put on five pound 4 weeks ago due to eating naughty, lost it all so its not a disaster :)


Fighting the bulge
At your group they'll know that you've been away and the C should never say how much you've gain, everyone gets nervous when they go and think they've gained but no-one will judge you, esp as you've been away everyone will understand why its happened.

You'll soo get that off dont worry :)

Good luck for tonight xx


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Yep - been there, done that! If you don't want everyone to know though ask your C to miss you out & she will/should do (ours does), then just stay for the group & the inspiration. A lady at the group I go to once put on 12 pounds over the Christmas break but she had a good time & soon lost it again, no-one judged her (I think we all secretly envied her actually!)


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You wouldn't be human if you had took a holiday and enjoyed yourself, thats what they are for, this is just one week, you have 51 to go before next year, just work at it a lb at a time and dont give yourself too many high expectations, it could be a few more weeks before you say goodbye to that what you have gained but so what, it will be off, clean slate then move on to the next 5 then the next.

The weight does go on slower than you think it just takes us longer to check it when we get too heavy, because we are taking control we tend to watch it more. As long as you are continuing to eat healthily and exercise then you are doing your body good. If you feel too bad add and extra 10 mins a day to your exercise routine.

I went to WI on Saturday and gained 3lb... haven't even been away! :) x
As soon as you go and get weighed and know the exact amount you have gained, you will feel much better and more focussed. I will be starting again from fresh tomorrow at a new class and I know I have gained a fair bit, but this is a new start and all be fine :)
how did you get on? hope it went well!

I've got a post holiday/Easter weigh in on Thursday and i am really starting to dread it! Ive been on an 'All inclusive - Al a Carte' holiday - where cakes and pastries and donuts all wanted me to eat them (also Mojitos were begging me to drink them!) I had to help them out - they were begging!!! :D

I tried very hard to stick to some sort of SW plan (had fruits and veg where i could) but its more than hard when its holiday time - plus it was * week for me (excellent timing!!!) and i was craving sweets and cakes more than ever!

Hope you got on okay - but dont stress, we are in the same boat, and plus this isnt going to be easy all the time - so a week or two where you have gains is more than normal!!!!



Yummy Mummy! xx
4.5lb on last nite but......... Im feeling SO positive about this that I wasnt as upset as I thought I would be! My consultant was FANTASTIC (as always) and said that everyone is allowed a week 'off' once in a while and as long as I get back on track and break the cycle I will be fine!

heres to a great week (and a great weight loss hopefuly!!)

Thankxs guys for your fab words of advice and support! xx


Good luck with your weigh in thursday ellebear - will keep an eye out for your result! x
My consultant was FANTASTIC (as always) and said that everyone is allowed a week 'off' once in a while and as long as I get back on track and break the cycle I will be fine!
thats so true - i mean you could have the attitude, 'i've gained, i may as well carry on gaining' - but you are going to turn it around and have a fab loss next week now! positive attitudes and all of that!:D

yay! xxx

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