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so excited!!

Hi all well i have finally decided to order my first bumper pack of exante !!! been lurking on this site for a while trying to build up the courage to go for it and now i cant wait to get started.;)
Will post all my weight height stuff when my pack arrives untill then i will just have to read all your diarys looking at the highs and lows and get a better idea of what i am in for lol cant wait to add my own :) xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Awww thanx it's good to know I have people to help me through the process and believe me I will be needing all the advice u got lol feel like a kid waiting for Santa anyone got any idea how long delivery takes ???? Xxxxxx
hi ya
welcome :)
i ordered my packs last monday at 3pm and they came 11am wednesday but i was told if you order before 1pm they come next day.
i used a stick blender for soups and for shakes but if im out i use my shaker cup.
look forward to reading your diary soon xxx
Hiya all and thanxs for the welcome !!!!! My pack should be here tomorrow!!!!! So will weigh in on Wednesday morning and that's gonna be the heaviest weight I am ever gonna be again!!!!! Bought a shaker today so I can do my shakes at work so I'm all set!!!! A friend of mine is doing it with me she's already lost loads on LL so knows what it about !! I am aware I could lose then gain but once I get the inital weight off there's no waynim going back to where I'm at now!! How's that for being positive lol remind me of this in a few weeks when I may need a butt kicking lol sorry for rambling but I'm so up this now!!!
Hi kazz2011, im in the same boat gonna order my pack tomorrow so should be able to get started later in the week, but want to start now!!! Good luck hun, im looking forward to hearing all about your weight loss over the comming weeks xoxoxo
Thanxs chick Im sure we will be a pair of hot mamas by summer lol good luck with the weigh in MiniB hope u get the results for your hard work! I'll be weighing in on Monday but dunno if I can wait that long to start if the packs do come tomorrow never been the patient type lol anyhoo ramble over my bubble bath calling so goodnight and catch u all soon xxxx
Lol just read my earlier post about weighing on Wednesday change of plan because I'm not going to have scales in the house I will be obsessing about them weighing 4 times a day so best wait till Monday and use my mums scales once a week instead!!!!! Xxxx
Kazz, did your pack arrive the next day? Xx

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It came this morning woop woop!! So day 1 in the bag lol I have a fantastic friend who came to weigh and measure me she knows what the crack is with this diet she did LL and lost 7 stone in 5 months!! So if anyone can get me motivated with u guys here and my personal butt kicker I'm already there !!! Xxxx

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