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i have a meeting set up with the lovely Kay for 8.30 tuesday evening. she does fortnightly meetings but i don't mind that to be honest, in fact i prefer it, but i do know that other people pop in for a weigh in if they need to in the off week so that's ok :) it does mean i'll have to pay for two weeks of things at once but she will exchange things if you want her to. so that's all good. and she seems lovely. i can't wait i can't wait i can't wait :D :D :D

abz xx
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Oh thats great - i dow ish you all the luck in the world and I hope you lose all the weight u want to.

If you anything just ask xx

p.s choc/mints ones lush !


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Good luck abz on your CD journey!!!

Love Mini xxx


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thanks guys. can't stop grinning :D hee. now i've just got to not go mad over the weekend beforehand :S and shrink a bit, i'm rather close to the five foot 8 threshold. think i'm half an inch under...

abz xx


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i am now in the regrettable situation that i don't really care if i stick to juddding because i'm starting 'for real' on tuesday. am sitting here with a small packet of fizzy cola bottle sweets and i intend to enjoy it. but i will feel rather guilty about it. saying that, if i have months of fizzy cola bottle free life ahead of me i feel like i should enjoy them :)

abz xx


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I'd enjoy too, but quick warning, try not to go overboard on carbs the few days before you begin CD, if you've binged the night before the come down is awful. This time I've gradually cut down over a week, and I've slipped into ketosis without to much pain. That is what makes me think I will stick to it this time as opposed to on my other attempts.

I've read your judd posts avidly, and will give it a go as a form of maintenence when I finish, could be a while though, I've got 10 stone to go!

Anyway, best of luck next week, the shakes are really tasty.

Nicki :)


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can't wait. i'm like a kid at christmas. i have never done anything like this before. it seems like such a drastic thing to do, but now i've arranged it it doesn't seem like such a big deal after all...

thanks for the warning :D

abz xx


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Good luck for your cd journey:D:D

Keep drinking the water and coming on here for distraction - you will be fine....the first 3 - 4 days are the worst then you will feel energised and wonderful.

Take care


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awesome :D the water won't be a problem. i'm drinking about 4 litres a day at the moment to stop myself from eating :D am off to scotland for the weekend right now. catch you later guys.

abz xx


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if you search the forum for juddd you should find quite a lot of posts, most of the recent ones by me, ha. it stands for the johnson up day down day diet and you can google it. the website tells you all you need to know to do it. you spend one day 'down' eating less than 500cals (at least for first few weeks) and then one day 'up' where you eat what you like and don't count a thing, but don't eat until you are stuffed. it really does seem to work, but doesn't give results fast enough for me, but it does seem to be a good way to maintain or to lose weight really slowly (or if you have more willpower than me) over a long period of time. you alternate the days. it works by deferred gratification. so if you are on a down day and you want a donut, you know that although you can't have it today, you can have it tomorrow if you want to. and then by tomorrow half the time you don't want it anyways. also, with the different days your calorie average will be fairly low. and apparently your metabolism doesn't have chance to go into starvation mode either with the one day high cal one day low cal thing. hope that helps :D

abz xx
thanks abz I've learnt 2 new things today thanks to you, I never knew you could google just this site and I didnt know anything about the jaddd, which sounds very interesting and I will probably do this WHEN I get to goal and am maintaining as I was a bit worried how I'd manage to maintain, Life just seems sooo easy now heres to us all being skinny bums and keeping it that way. Have a lovely break.x
good luck abz x


determined to be thin!
Thanks for the info on Judd, might have to try that when I hit maintaining.
Good luck with starting CD, its very easy in some ways, but very tough in others, but it does shift those pounds.
I am sure you can do it!!!

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