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So expensive!!

Guys I really need your help.....I love love love Dukan and would defend it until the cows come home but I need some ideas and tips on how to bring down the price of my shopping!!

Me and hubby are both following the plan, and it is the only one that we have both followed and both been able to stick to and lose on it, but I am really feeling the pinch in the pockets!!

Any tips will be greatly received......the security guard at the local morrisons now greets me with a smile and a pitying look each evening when he sees me raiding the reduced section lol!!
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** Chief WITCH **
What sort of foods do you buy/eat?
Frozen stuffs are often cheaper than fresh (thinking fish, prawns and meat).
Before I go shopping, I check the offers in the brochure (online) and work my list and menus around them. Always stocking up when something is on offer!

Generally cooking from scratch is cheaper than buying packets of ham/bacon/etc. Flavouring your own yoghurts too.

Usually most people find they save money when you factor in the evenings out which don't happen (or involve diet coke!)... and all the extras we used to treat ourselves with!

If people would post offers when they see them on that thread Mirjam helpfully posted, it would help you all.
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Never Ever Give Up!
Also, there's a fab thread on here how to make your own yoghurt. This will save you tons of money as well.
Agree Jocandoit, Dukan is expensive and I haven't worked out how to keep my costs down but I also agree wholeheartedly with Maintainer in the fact that I have saved myself so much money in takeaways and rubbish that I am actually better off. Seriously though think the best thing is to shop around for offers etc if you can. Good luck. xx
I think the main thing I need to do is shop around.......get the bargains from all of the different stores!

We both have such big appetites and this obviously means more food! I am not goingt o give up, we have both done far too well......Thanks for the support!
I do my shopping online and only from the special offer sections, I eat well and often and my food shop comes out at less than 50 every week x I used to spend more than that on one meal out and way more on a night's drinking! x It can be done!
Go for in-season veg as well, much cheaper. Also work out a regular lunch that is inexpensive - I have tuna or boiled eggs with vegetable soup most PV lunches now. Soup is great in the winter!
I am that crazy woman who stalks the aisle at the supermarket at 7.30pm just as the reduced sticker comes out....

Have a look at the areas where you may be saving money - i spend much much less on snack foods and eating out than I did before.

Eggs are a very good way of making stuff go further - when I am down to scraps of cooked chicken or the very last of the mince I turn them into a meat omelette.
Ahaa! Now I know where I met you A..... The bargain aisle is my lurking spot too.
I try to buy stuff whilst it's on offer, bog off or reduced, and stick in freezer until required. Often good fish or meat is reduced late in the evening and that makes me a good meal the next day.
I find that less meals out/snacky things/drink also saves money, so it kind of balances out.
What price your health, though? It's got to be worth it
Plus there is the money I have saved by leaving weighwatchers and never having to buy another diet book or diet aid again!
I'm saving money left, right and centre because I'm not constantly going to the shop to buy treats, the kids aren't getting treats either (which has to be better for them) and I'm not going out for lunch all the time. My bank account is actually in credit!
I've found I'm spending less on my groceries on this diet!! Probably saving on all the biscuits, muffins etc - thinking about it I must be saving a fortune on all the cheese I used to buy (strangely I actually haven't missed it on the diet!)


** Chief WITCH **
I am that crazy woman who stalks the aisle at the supermarket at 7.30pm just as the reduced sticker comes out...
It's at opening time in my local hypermarket in the country so I'm one of the trolley sprinters at 8.30am on a Saturday morning ;)

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