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So far so good...putting words into action


Going for Goal!
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Hi everyone!

Well since getting back into the swing of things some 3 days ago, so far it has been great. I've found it much easier to manage water this time, avoid nibbling and conquer my headache!

Yesterday I met with a friend who I have not seen in a long while. She was fascinated with my weightloss and was complimenting me all day! :D It was a lovely feeling and kind of spurs me on.

I do worry, because it was at this point in my weightloss that I completely stopped cd altogether last year. Merely just due to a holiday that was enjoyed too much and I didn't get back to it straight away...But this time I WILL do it properly e.g. going up the steps and heading for maintenence! :)

I have found with me that my head has got to be 'in it' for me to succeed. I seem to have such strong will power that can last weeks and months at a time, then a I have a couple of weeks where the will power seems to fade :rolleyes: hmmm...

I have found that I think I get 'fed up' with the shakes. I don't like any of the soups (they make me gag) and only about 5 flavours of the powder shakes. At the moment it's been more of telling myself 'if I drink this shake i'll loose weight' kind of thing. Then it's a hold the nose job and down it! :mad: It is getting me down a bit though. Cambridge shakes are the only bit of 'food' I can enjoy atm, but I'm not even liking them!!! Even the choc orange and that is one of my faves! :eek: I'm hoping it's a silly 'phase' that will pass soon.

If I could just stick it out until Christmas, and I am determined that I will! I'll be in slimville bliss!

This Christmas, it my families turn (we take it in turns to go to my family christmas day, then HB family over new year, then vice versa the following year) and my Mum has suggested going out for christmas dinner. I really want to be able to enjoy it, without feeling guilty! So I have made a promise to myself that I put my words into action and keep going! :D

Come on CDers we can do it!!! ;)

Hugs x x x
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Hello Emmapetty

I had the same experience a few years ago. I was doing the diet for 3 weeks, andthen came off it for a weekend travel. This was planned.
On monday when I was supposedto start again, the shakes grev in my mouth. I really almost trew up...

I really hope this will work it self out for you. I have started the diet again now, and now I have no problems.
It must be in our head, dont you think?


Silver Member
You can do it hun! and nice to see you nice and cheery and encouraging all us CD-ers.
Maybe your tastes will have changed a bit, and you could try a couple of different things? like a bar or porridge?

keep happy babes, xx


Skinny girl in a fat body
S: 14st7lb C: 12st11lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 29.8 Loss: 1st10lb(11.82%)
Oh I wish I had half your motivation Emma :(

Today is always day 1 with me now. I was doing so well and now I just can't get back into it. I am good all day (although starving) then go home and stuff my face. I WANT so much to do it, and feel I can't. I've only got until 3rd September (16 days) but can't face that hungry feeling and the headaches and the cold and the depression :(

It's not even 9.00 a.m. and I am starving!!!!!!!!! You are doing so well, and have made your plan until Christmas. I know you will succeed becasue you are so determined. It's great when people notice your loss and does spur you on, you are right. Keep thinking of your friends reaction and compliments and how good they make you feel.

You're doing great Emma - well done and good luck x


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Good luck honey, it is hard but so worth it..... I have another 20lbs to lose and have been kind of rubbish so have set a mini 10 day challenge to get through! I'm sure you can do it and you have done sooooo well to lose 50lb so far. Think how amazing your Christmas will be if you can stick to it :D xxx


Going for Goal!
G: 13st0lb
Thanks guys! Mia - hunnie big, big, big ((hugs)). It's such a shame that you are having such a bad experience with CD atm. It is very difficult to get motivated and in the 'zone'. How has your CDC been? I hope she is able to encourage and reassure you. You don't have much further to go and you'll be at goal. If you are hungry, glug. glug, glug. I detest water tbh, but I make myself do it to feel 'full' and stop me wanting to pick. Perhaps some changes at home - kitchen out of bounds maybe? Just until your head is in the zone! Hugs x :)Lexy - WOW - 20lbs to go, how amazing. I imagine you are feeling much healthier within yourself. Here's to a successful 10 day mini challenge - keep me posted with how you get on! Hugs x :)b_n_303 - Yes my tastes have changed. I think this week I may buy a few more different flavours and try again. It is quite odd how taste buds change on this diet! I enjoy the bars, but I do limit myself to 3 a week, as last time I did the diet I would have 1 a day and my losses slowed. I love the choc tetra warm in the evening though (don't think my tastes buds will ever change for that one!) Hugs x :)Klompen - Yes, it is in our heads a lot of the time, I totally agree. I despise going to bed and playing 'mind games'...e.g. 'there's a muller corner in the fridge...mmmm....' silly, yet very annoying! ha ha! Hugs x :)

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