So Far So Good


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;) yes ladies and gentlemen everything is good amazingly! Ive never been on a diet where its been sooooo simple!
Ive drank about 2litres of water excluding my 3 packs ive had and peeing like there is seriously NO tomorrow but im feeling good in myself!
Im a little worried about how strong i am to get through tonight (work collegues meal) but I will, because im not a weak person, Im stronger than I give myself credit for and for once I need to prove that to myself!
So girls and guys lets hear one thing you are really proud of yourself for today!
Lets hope it carries on this positive!!!
:queen:Rachiie -ox-
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I'm going to be slim
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Well done Rachiie you are doing well
You'll be fine tonight enjoy the evening
& I'm proud to be back on LL losing weight again


Making it all add up
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I'm proud to be on week3 and no lapses, not even thought about it


Today, I'm proud to be sitting here in 38" trousers and a blue 17" (neck) shirt, feeling comfortable and not like I need to wear any "covering up" items like jumpers or pullovers.

And as today is the first day I've forced myself to not wear one of my "comfort" items of clothing (i.e. baggy jumpers and anything black!) is a huge moment for me! :D :D


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Great TD!

I am proud of resisting yesterday's weakness without lapsing and proving to myself that I can do this!


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Key moment Pete

To come out of the black comfort zone.
Big step. Well done.
The world will be a rainbow for you now.
Just like the boxers.


16lb to go!
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Woo hoo! Go you!

I'm proud of myself for getting through Day 3 of LL with no thoughts of lapsing. It's getting easier! First WI tomorrow.