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So fed up tonight


Gone fishing
aha, but what about your forum addiction?
:rolleyes: That'll have to go sometime, but I can't cope with that at the mo. Doing a lot of playing with graphics this week. Haven't done much for a couple of years. Forgot how much fun it is.

Don't want to tonight though. Just feel in a sulky mood


Gone fishing
No, I don't got to bed until late. I'm still young you see :D I know when I get older, I'll have to have your early bedtimes Lesly :D
yeah, but, yeah but..
since i've been off work being an ill person my body clock's all over the place. late nights and lie-ins and waking up in the night to take more tablets. not good!


Gone fishing
LOL Lesly.

Pleasant dreams. Don't forget to hang that leg up on the bedstead ;)

Cor blimey...there's a song about that isn't there. I'll be trying to think of the words until bedtime now:rolleyes:


Gone fishing
Eeee, by gum (pardon the pun girls), but I've just remembered the song.

After the ball was over!!

After the ball was over, she took out her glass eye.
Put her false teeth in water, hung up her wig to dry.
Unscrewed her cork leg gently, stood it against the wall,
And all that was left went to bye-byes, after the ball.

Great song :D


Gone fishing
As a life-long insomniac, I'm recently dropping off before midnight (unless chained to my Beautiful Black Beast*) but waking before 2....great!

* down, now - it's just a Dell.
LOL! Love the BBB name for your Dell. Very appropriate :D


Gone fishing
Right, excuse me, but I'm going to have a little singalong to myself as a whole load of songs are coming into my head now.

Earplugs at the ready..........................


Sung to My Darling Clementine

I’m a tea cup, I’m a tea cup.
I’m a tea cup, yes I am.
But I’d rather be a tea cup than a mug

I’m a raindrop, I’m a raindrop.
I’m a raindrop, yes I am.
But I’d rather be a raindrop than a drip.

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