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So fed up....


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.. with the lack of weight loss.

My Weight in days have been messed about with a bit, becuase I have been away for work, but basically over the last 3 weeks I have lost

1.2 lb
2.5 lb

I am so fed up. I have a holiday that I have booked, holidays clothes I have paid for and I want to be steped up the plans by then, let alone at target!

I havent been unrealistic with target, but I am not even losing anywhere near the stone a month thing.

It is so importantthat I get to target by hoiday. This has been my goal since I have started.

I changed from LL to CD on week 12. Fist week was fantanic and now there have been a few average weeks (I have always lost an average of 3 to 3 and a half per week) and been down the rest.

Dont know why I am writing this really, it is not like any of your a the fat fairies that have come and get it for me!

Just really fed up. Really had a go at OH this morning. He is on O/H, cheated all the time, and still lost 4 lbs this week (Yesterday weigh in) , and he is only 10lb of target! When he got on the this morning and said he has lost another 1lb since yesterday (This was after I had just told him I had STS this week) I could have quite easily have killed him!

I have been so good, stuck to the plan 100%, surely I deserve to not have this struggle for the last 1 and a bit stones?

Apologies, just having a moan and stamping my foot like a frustrated child!!
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Yes it is great and it has been hard, very hard at time, but I did it. But it is not my Target and I am just fed up that I have worked so hard to get there, and now I am going to have to work twice as hard to get ride of the last bit when the 52lb was bloody hard enough!


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Thank you!

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