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So fed up!!

o people have been saying that to me and i havent even started! its oviously ppl who dont understand it! ignore them hun uve done amazing dont let ppl like that bring you down xxx


Slowly but surely!
Ive had the same, ive stopped telling people who I know arent going to really support me.


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Oh bo****ks to that! Not true, with any weight loss you have to maintain. Celebrate your massive acheivement and don't let them get you down. x


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AhhChelly, don't let the nasty comments get you down...you look amazing. Did you know that negative comments normally stem from something that that person cant control/ is envious of...so basically hun they are jealous!!! You go girl!!! You are beautiful and tall, (I'm jealous of that!! @ 5'2!!)Model material!!!!!
You have done so well to lose as much as you have, dont let other peoples attitudes get you down, i am sure your determination will stop you gaining back. I just think some people like to be negative and dont like people doing well!! I have found this a lot in the past when i lost weight using orlistat, the unfortunate thing is i proved them right (but i did have a baby, got SPD and am unable to move very well for the last 2 years) and i am sure some of them are a bit smug about it!

Keep positive, you will be fab and lovely and slim for a long as you want to be.

cawisu xx
ahhhh Chel...don't let the others get u down.
You look fantastic and have done so well with ur loses. Rachie is right, some people are just envious.


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haha so glad u posted this coz i nearly threw my boss out the window for sayin that! god he got to me today!

meh its all good

dont worry about it
just gotta watch what ya do when your where your wanna be same as any diet just naive people dont understand this

blue eyes

Positive and focused!
Ignore them they're just jealous. You really dont have to put the weight back on, follow refeed to the letter. I lost 3 stone in 10 weeks back at end Nov, went on holiday and have just today got back on and in the last 2 weeks put on 5lb but up until then had maintained. I've got 3 stone left to lose. Goodluck you can do it. XX


My husband = My hero
I hate them all...

i get it every single day in work,, an yano what... it jus makes me more determinded to be sinnier than them, hotter than them, an healthier than them.

ur doing amazingly huni and dont u let a single person tell u otherwise



I will be skinny again!!!
Thank you all!!

Its just really got me thinking... What if i refeed and maintain for a while but end up slipping back to my old ways and this has all be a waste of time :(:(


One last chance
Thank you all!!

Its just really got me thinking... What if i refeed and maintain for a while but end up slipping back to my old ways and this has all be a waste of time :(:(
You'll only slip back into your old habits if you let that happen. You should put a table of your start weight and results of all the weight you lost and paste it on the fridge. So whenever you're going to eat something, something high in fat or whatever, look at the first weight on the list, remember how hard you worked and that you never want to be that weight again :)
People can be so unsensitive it annoys the **** out of me lol
u are gorgeous hun and u have done so well, jus ignore them and prove them wrong
u are doin fantastic and i cant wait to have results like u :)


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Chell **big hugs**
dont worry about the losers that say that to you - clearly they dont know a thing!! You are doing this for your health, and you are determined so that should be enough to help you not fall back into your old ways :) keep yer head up burd xx


Here we go again!
You know they are talking rubbish Chelly. We all know it wont be as easy to maintain our new lovely figures forever, but you've come so far you wont want to let it all back on again will you? You are almost at target which is a huge achievement, if you can do that then you can maintain it after too. You are a really postive, bubbly girl and I think that can be used to bounce those idiotic comments off you.

You are so pleased with the new you why would you put all the weight back on? You can do it, you know you can.
Thank you all!!

Its just really got me thinking... What if i refeed and maintain for a while but end up slipping back to my old ways and this has all be a waste of time :(:(
ppl say to me i will just gain again once i stop this but but i just say that if i gain again then thats upto me! But if you see the scales creeping bk up then take action. You have done so well. Dont let them bother you!:D


Carpe diem, baby!
Although many people who have lost weight do put it back on, with the right mindset, the right habits, the change on lifestyle and everything else, you will be one of the sucessful ones...

It isn't easy and don't let anyone tell you it is, because if you;ve been overweight, you know the pitfalls, the bad habits, the temptations...

BUT chin up and stay positive for you...don't let anyone grind you down!


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Definatlely keep up the good work.
People will always try and bring you down and are always skeptical of things they have little knowledge of.
I've seen loads of your posts and was really inspired by your loss
I am about to start my vlcd on exante.. I've been doing low carb for a little while just to get used to it..
We are a similar height and starting weight and i for one hope i am half as succeful as you xx

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