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so frustrated....

so after my time spent on SS+ I have started to work up the plans. lost 4lbs my two weeks on 810 and STS my 1st week on 1000. I'm just back from my weigh in to find I have put on 2lbs!

This is the 1st time on the diet I have had a gain and I'm not taking in well to say the least lol!

I just don't know how it happened if i have stuck to the plan.

I now have the choice to stay on 1000 for one more week or go up to 1200. Before my weigh in I had my heart set of 1200 but i dont want to do myself any more damage!

urrrghh :(
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Hi first of well done on your loss so far thats amazing!!!!!

Ive read many times of people on here on maintance gaining in the first few weeks..then steadying out a bit later..

Sorry cant help as still on the dreaded ss lol

All the best your doing great! x
thanks mrsessex, you are looking fab in your new pic!

my CDC said that if I have another bad week i could drop down plans again but i've had a taste for carbs now lol, dont think i could do it again!

I was all set for 1200 and even jinxed it by buying all the stuff for it today as i was so eager to get on it!
aww thanks lol

i just think its the body getting used to the sudden influx of real food...ya know..carbs etc as you've not had them for soooo long i guess alot is water??

Hopefully someone with lots of cambridge knowledge (ahem..KD :D ) and put your mind at rest x

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Gaining on 1000 is quite normal. It aint easy keeping the weight off after doing CD. Remeber your body has been living on next to nothing. Don't drop down a plan, coz you'll just face the same situation when you move up again. Stick to the plan and accept that you will gain some weight. In your first week on CD you probably lost 5-6 pounds of Glycogen which has to go back on at some point - don't worry it's normal - you won't be gaining fat on 1000 cals and that's all that matters x


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So this is your 2nd weigh in on 1,000?

If so, and if you have kept exactly to plan, then move up anyway. I know it's a bit scary, but it will just be your body adapting. It wont be fat.

On the other hand, if those last few pounds are very, very important to you to lose, you may like to spend one more week on 1,000 to be on the safe side, but then move up the following week.

If it's just a case of moving through the plans, and you aren't too worried about that previous goal weight, then go up.

either way, you will probably lose it..yep, even going up a plan. Can't be certain of course, but it often happens that way.

Well done on getting this far and hanging in there :clap:
Hi - I didn't lose any weight during the 2 weeks on the 1000 plan and only 1lb on the first week of the 1200 plan. I've now done a further 2 weeks of 1200 and have dropped 3lbs more or less overnight.

Introducing food is going to make your body retain more water as well as filling up those glycogen stores. It will settle down if you just keep at it. When you move up the plans you have to accept that the days of regular large losses are gone and that some weeks you won't lose at all and others maybe just a lb or two. It's frustrating and it makes it hard to stay motivated, but we just have to try and find the motivation from something other than the number on the scales!

Keep it going - Have a look on the maintenace board if you haven't already. Lots of us are in a similar position :)

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