So glad I found you!


Hi everyone, my name is Mandy, and I'm so glad I found you guys! :D

I'm going to level with you. I've gained 44.6 pounds in the last year and a half! Before my rapid weight gain, I weighed around 130 (I'm 5'5), and as of this morning, I weigh 174.6! :eek:

What brought on this extreme weight gain in such a short amount of time? Extreme stress... which is now gone. Whew! But, that kind of weight gain from stress eating points to a real problem, doesn't it? Good golly!

Time to get a grip! I hope to make some new friends here so we can support each other in our journey to healthiness. :hug99:


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Hi Mandy, Welcome to this fab forum.
What diet regime are you considering following?
Once you have decided do start up your own diary in that section so we know where to find you.
Look forward to seeing your progress and wish you all the very best in your exciting journey.... :)


Hi, E, thank you for replying! :D

My plan is to return to (what used to be) my normal healthy, balanced eating. I don't like sweets much, but I've been eating way too many fatty foods and too many calories.

Hubby and I have gone out to eat so much during our incredibly stressful season. I've simply over eaten and over eaten and over eaten. And then it became a habit. Ugh! Gotta stop! :sigh:

Thank you again, E!




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Hi Mandy,

I'm a newbie too (my intro is just above yours), my weight went on when I was pregnant as I literally ate for 2 but now 2yrs on my thyroid is refusing to let me loss it through healthy eating so i need to try something more drastic so ive decided to go with W8.

With only 2 weeks+ left to Xmas I've decided to wait and start in January but I just wanted to wish you Good Luck xx


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Hi tracy how r u? will be nice to see how u get on with your weight loss in january, hope u have a fab xmas xx