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So gutted!

Hello, hope you all are well! This is my 10th week on the programme and so far I have lost 48lbs in total (as of last tuesday; 9 weeks). Since then I have not been feeling well at all, started off with sore throat, cough, cold etc and progressed on to me running a very high temperature and extreme breathing difficulties (I was gasping). Now my GP has put me on a few medications including antibiotics and does not want me to do the programme for a good few weeks, until I have recovered completely. Whilst I know that he is right and my health comes first, I am so scared to eat. The doctor mentioned that I need a 'high calorie' diet and not just protein, which scares me even more. All this while, I had managed to stay completely abstinent (although I am fed up now) as almost everyone in my group lapsed and told tales about how hard it is to get back on it completely. I just don't want to go through the whole ketosis process again! I am so upset as I feel rather ill and the pressure to eat is on from the family. Health does come first, but I am worried I will be going a few weeks behind and struggling, whilst I am so fed up already. Sorry about rambling so much, I just need to get things off my chest. :cry:
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ahh hun i totally understand what you are saying and i would be devastated if someone told me i had to eat before i was at goal but please please think about your health, what good will ll be to you if you dont recover from whatever it is that has invaded you. you really need to put you health and wellbeing first and have every faith that you will be able to get back on this wagon, you just have to keep in the mindset tthat you are only eating to get better then will be back to your diet. your health really does have to come first hun. good luck and i hope you feel better soon x x x
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Poor you - Hope you are feeling better soon. Yes youve got to really think about your health but not sure why your doctor says high calorie as protein is what is important for growth and repair. i would have thought lots of rest, fluids and well balanced diet would be most important.
Anyway keep smiling and get well soon hun :)


agree with kathryn, why high calorie.....did he say why? oh CK im gutted for you as i know how id feel if it were me too x
Thank you for your wise words, ladies! I saw a different doctor who didn't know about LL. I mentioned to him that I am on a food replacement diet, to which he said that, 'diet higher in protein or being in ketosis is not going to help you recover, you need a high calorie diet'. I was so run down, I didn't bother for an explanation as clearly that doctor didn't support such diets.

Update: I have been on antibiotics and to my horror, they have not helped me yet, after 4 days. My little one caught the virus off me, so we spent the day in hospital..he's just not well again, so wheezy and is on steroids. I have managed to eat small portions, but have not managed to keep everything down. when it rains, it bloody pours. sorry about this ladies, i'm just so upset and frustrated atm.
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hiya, i've never done LL before i tried lipotrim once but it didnt agree with me so i'm on tesco shakes at the moment..my friend has really bad asthma and has had to come off her diet a few times because of illness but has always managed to get back on with it, your health is important and i know where your coming from with the not wanting to eat a "high calorie" diet as you've done so well just eat small but often hun and i hope you and your little one get better soon.


oh no CK really feel for you, and really really hope you feel better soon xx


sorry and your little one too x


is Magdalicious
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Get better soon my lovely. We are all thinking of you xxx


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get well soon hon, and your little 'un. I assume your doctor probably wants you to eat the full range of foods - including fats to ensure you are giving your body everything it needs to fight off this virus. Stick to small portions but try to include a little of everything and i am sure you'll do fine! Getting you better is much more of a priority at the moment! There are some nasty bugs going around at the moment!
Thank you for such kind and wonderful words, me lovelies! Cheered me up no end. I feel a lot better today and the little one is on the mend too. He has been prescribed a new medicine (a preventive) which he has to take every night for a good few months (possibly a year or more). Fingers crossed it works for him, with minimal side effects as I was reading through the leaflet and the possible side effects seemed scary! Thank you so much ladies, can't wait to recover completely and get back on the wagon again! CK x x x


Awww CK glad your feeling bit more positive today, bless your little one thats not good honey x
Oh CK so sorry. I've only just seen this thread. I hope your little one and you both start to be better soon. xx

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